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Mounting Systems From $0.060 / Wp
From $300 / 20 Panels
Flat Roof Ballasted Mounting System
Goomax Energy
Flat Roof
216 km/h
12 Years
GOOMAX ballasted roof mounting system adopts aluminum AL6005-T5 and stainless steel bolts, beautiful and sturdy, with service life up to over 20 years. It’s applicable for residential solar power system from KW to MW. This system is specially engineered for non-penetration roofs, which secures the array without damaging ...
Solar Cells From $0.230 / Wp
Changzhou Hershey Power
3.89 ~ 4.38 Wp
18 ~ 18.2 %
156×156 mm
The 156P-3BB-PID has low reverse current, high shunting resistance and dependability. Proper handling from incoming inspection through production, outgoing inspection and packaging. 100% checked for reverse current and visual appearance.
Solar Panels From $0.451 / Wp
Anhui Daheng Energy Technology
235 ~ 260 Wp
14.6 ~ 16.1 %
1640x990x40 mm
High-efficient solar modules can be used in both commercial and civil solar projects. Excellent power performance even in low-light environments(morning, dusk, rainy days). Certified to withstand high wind load(2400Pa) and snow load(5400Pa). Good resistance to salt-spray corrosion and ammonia corrosion. Full range of sol...
Solar Panels From $0.500 / Wp
Jetion Solar (China)
285 ~ 305 Wp
14.9 ~ 15.9 %
1954x982x45 mm
1. Multicrystalline modules designed for residential, commercial and utility applications. 2. Available in high efficiency up 260W in mass shipment. 3. Designed for IEC DC 1000V applications. 4. Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface to less dirt and dust. 5. High salt and ammonia resistance by TUV. 6. Tolerance Power ...
Mounting Systems From $0.209 / Wp
From $1,050 / 20 Panels
Carport Mount
Carport Mount
216 km/h
1, Durability, corrosion resistant 2, Few installation accessories, high pre-assemble in factory to save installation time and cost, no need to drill and cut when installation. 3, flexible panels placement, portrait or landscape. 4, The installation foundation could be concrete or screw pile. 5, the main structure use al...

Kyocera Corporation announced today that Kyocera TCL Solar LLC has commenced construction of a 23MW solar power plant on an abandoned golf course in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The plant will generate an estimated 26,312MWh per year — enough electricity to power approximately 8,100 typical local households.


JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary JinkoSolar US has signed amendments to the credit agreement with Wells Fargo Bank, National Association ("Wells Fargo") .Under the new terms of the credit agreement, JinkoSolar US's credit limit will be raised to $40 million from $20 mi...


The Raventhorpe Plant, situated in Lincolnshire, has a total power of 40MW with a field extension of 77 hectares, has been completed and connected to the public grid in March. The plant has been equipped with Ingeteam Inverter series Ingecon® Sun PowerStation with 2.33MVA each.

United States

SunEdison, Inc. today announced the inauguration of the Dammakhedi 50MW DC solar power plant in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The project created more than one thousand jobs during construction, and was completed two months ahead of schedule.


Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited today announced that it completed a bond financing RMB 20 million yuan (USD $3.2 million) for a 4MW solar project. Yingli's financing partners for the project are Tianjin Xinhai Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (Xinhai Leasing) and Principal Shield (Xiamen) Financial Technic...