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Solar Panels From $0.968/Wp
235 ~ 265 Wp
13.75 ~ 15.5 %
1676x1020x25.5 mm
The CHN 60M(BK M156) has a power tolerance of 0 to +3%, which ensures high reliability of power output. Its modules are certified by TUV to withstand high wind loads (2400 Pa) and snow loads(5400 Pa). The special PV module insurance-provided by world leading insurance companies-guarantees that PV investors and module use...
Solar Panels From $0.581/Wp
100 ~ 300 Wp
16.49 %
1. TUV Solar Panel ISO9001:2000
2. Solar panel quality by great solar engineer
3. High Efficiency with competitive price
4. Top Equipment
Mounting Systems
PV-ezRack SolarMatrixPro
Clenergy (Xiamen) Technology
Flat Roof
216 km/h
10 Years
PV-ezRack SolarMatrix Pro is an innovative non-penetrating mounting system for commercial flat, concrete roofs. The panels can be pivoted (with hinge and lock) in order to access the roof surface beneath the panels during and also after the installation. This unique feature eliminates the need of removing the complete so...
Solar Panels From $0.850/Wp
60 ~ 150 Wp
11.2 ~ 13.3 %
The QSF-P from QSOLAR is our extremely thin and lightweight state-of-the-art flexible crystalline panel, bringing a high-efficiency and easy-to-install solar solution to any surface up to a curvature of 30°.
Mounting Systems From $0.068/Wp
From $270/16 Panels
SFS-Pitched Tin Roof
Sunforson Sunrack
Pitched Roof
216 km/h
10 Years
SunRack provide the easiest, fastest, most universally code-compliant tin roof interface brackets available for composition roofs.

Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Fine Silicon Co., Ltd. has signed a definitive agreement with the Land Reserve Centre of Baoding National High-tech Industrial Development Zone for sale to the Reserve Centre land use rights to a piece of land held by Fi...

United States

SunEdison, Inc. today announced that is has signed an agreement to develop and install a 2.6MW solar power plant for the town of Winchendon, Mass. on a previously unusable 12 acre town-owned landfill site. The landfill site will be converted under Massachusetts' Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC II) progr...


Schneider Electric Solar Business has been awarded a 50MW contract for a solar project in eastern US.


ACME today said it has signed power purchase pacts for 30MW solar photo-voltaic power projects with Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited. The power plant will be set up at Mahoba District in the state, over 150 acres of land. 


Exco Solar recently announced a completion of 200KW solar tracking system project for YingLi Solar in HeBei, China. According to the deal, 792 pcs of 250W polycrystallineYingli panel be supported by 73 units of Exco tilted single axis solar tracking mounting system which will increase solar system energy output ...