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Solar Panels From $0.530 / Wp
Econess Energy/ECO PV
300 ~ 320 Wp
15.45 ~ 16.49 %
1956x992x45 mm
Econess Energy EN 156P-72 series solar panels are 100% EL tested, with a zero defect guarantee. With a positive tolerance of 0-5W, these solar panels are cost effective and provide high performance to maximize your profit.
Solar Panels From $0.650 / Wp
Motech Industries
255 ~ 265 Wp
15.6 ~ 16.2 %
1650x992x40 mm
XS60B3 MOTECH modules are powered by industry acknowledged high performance, reliable MOTECH silicon cells. 20 years of experience in solar module engineering and design, along with rigorous durability and performance tests, ensure reliable lifetime performance and maximum kWh yield.
Mounting Systems From $0.160 / Wp
From $80,000 / 2000 Panels
PV-TerrainRac N
Ground Mount
151 km/h
10 Years
The N SYSTEM was specifically designed for use in open ground areas. Framed and unframed modules can be arranged in various configurations. The TerrainRac N system is suitable for both ground screw and concrete foundations. The 600mm minimum module elevation above the ground prevents loss of power due to noxious ground c...
Solar Panels From $0.547 / Wp
Anhui Daheng Energy Technology
30 ~ 100 Wp
12.65 ~ 14.63 %
High-efficient solar modules can be used in both commercial and civil solar projects. Excellent power performance even in low-light environments(morning, dusk, rainy days). Certified to withstand high wind load(2400Pa) and snow load(5400Pa). Good resistance to salt-spray corrosion and ammonia corrosion. Full range of sol...
Mounting Systems From $0.070 / Wp
From $350 / 20 Panels
GM-W Solar Mounting System
Ground Mount
151.2 km/h
10 Years
Reysolar GM-W shape ground Aluminum solar PV mounting system is suitable both for concrete foundation and ground screw foundation solar PV power plant. This solution could be applied to different ways of module arrangement (such as 6 panels in landscape or 3 panels in portrait). Pre-assembled support structures improve t...

Canadian Solar Inc. today announced that the company is the supplier of 1.25MW AC of 28kW three-phase inverters to Solar Energy in central California. These inverters will be used in their three ground mount PV projects in Netto Farms, Tos Farms, and Summer Hill Dairy. Canadian Solar is also the supplier of 1.5MW...

United States

Xcel Energy Inc. today reported 2015 second quarter GAAP and ongoing earnings of $197 million, or $0.39 per share, compared with $195 million, or $0.39 per share, in the same period in 2014.


Clenergy has confirmed its role as the main sponsor of Australia's premier solar racing team for the 2015 World Solar Challenge. The Queensland team, officially named Clenergy TeamArrow, is set to be a strong contender for this year's solar vehicle race. 

United States

Duke Energy Renewables today announced it has acquired the 20MW AC Seville I and 30MW Seville II Solar Power Projects in California from Kruger Energy. The projects are located in Imperial County about 10 miles west of the Salton Sea. 


Martifer Solar will begin construction of a 57MW portfolio of solar PV projects in Jordan. The portfolio consists of four projects, which were awarded successfully with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) under Round 1 of Jordan's National Renewable Energy Plan.