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Banner Advertising Campaigns

ENF banner adverts can be targeted to be shown only in a particular PV product category and there is only one banner advert per page, and in an excellent position – this not only allows your banner to receive a much higher click through rates than any other websites, but also it gives you the chance to take the unique and prestigious banner position before your competitors.


  • Monthly Banner Advert

    Key category pages can be sponsored for a set time period. Your banner will appear on the category page(s) for every single page view by every visitor, which maximizes the chance of you turning ENF visitors into your potential customers.

  • Banner Advert by Page Views

    Banner adverts can be purchased in lots of 1,000 views at a cost of €80.00 per thousand except for the key pages(minimum purchase of €500). When you purchase banners in this way, you can state what category you want them to appear in and you can choose to rotate your banner throughout the month as the page views are used. For a bespoke package please call or email with your requirements and we will design a targeted campaign to match your specific needs.

Banner Advertising

Banner Notes:

Banner Details
Banner Details

Banner size is 940*90 pixels;
Max file size:500KB;
File format: GIF, JPG, or PNG.

Help you to design

For companies who can't make banner by themselves, you can supply banner advert words and pictures. ENF's design team will help you to design your banner free of charge (Subject to a minimum order value of €500).

Google Ad Manager

All banner advert customers receive a Google Ad Manager invitation with advertising client account to view the page view and click-through-rate (CTR) of their banner(s).

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