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Sponsored Links allow your company to appear on the main product category page or on top of the product sub-category page (or both); this is a powerful way to attract visitors who are looking for your type of product to click on your company first before going to minor categories or the alphabetical companies list.


Sponsored Links for
Manufacturers or Installers
(must have Profile Package)

Sub-category page sponsor:
€500 / year

Main-category page sponsor:
€1000 / year

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Sponsored Links for
Exhibition or
Conference Companies

All category page sponsor:
€250 / month

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Eg. An inverter manufacturer will appear at the top of the inverter category as a sub-category page sponsor, and will appear on the components main category page as a main category page sponsor.

We protect our sponsored links from becoming part of "just another list" by restricting the numbers of companies allowed to become a sponsored link per page. Our first 5 sponsor link customers on any page pay the original price. After that, the 6th to the 10th customers pay double the price, the 11th to the 15th pay triple the price etc. This restriction ensures that our first customers continue to receive good visibility...


Effect of Sponsor Link Advertising

The effectiveness of sponsor link advertising can be seen from these random samples – comparing customer visits to their page 3 months before and 3 months after the sponsor link was purchased. These are randomly selected examples, and you are welcome to ask a sales representative for before & after statistics on other customers.

* Data comes from Google Analytics.

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Sponsor companies on category main page :

Main Category Page Sponsor

Sponsor companies on sub-category page

Sub Category Page Sponsor

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