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ENF PV industry directory is the most popular source of PV company information on the internet, attracting #vs# visitors and #pv# page views in #date#. Most visitors to the ENF site are PV companies searching to buy PV products.

Advertising on ENF gives you a unique advantage over your competitors when it comes to attracting clients. This is due to a combination of a high volume of page visits, 8 different language capabilities that extend global market reach, and tools that narrow down our vast array of products to the one that’s right for you.


Here's what our customers have said about us:

    • Thanks to the ENF advertising service, we have successfully promoted our business. We are very satisfied with the business increase directly caused by ENF advertising.

      Huang Jian, Executive Vice President,
      Golden Sun Photovoltaic Co., Ltd.

    • ENF is not just a professional network for the PV industry, it also serves as an effective advertising platform through which you can gain maximum benefit with minimum input. We will continue advertising on the ENF website.

      Mr. Wu, Dongguan Quoncion
      Solar Energy Lighting Co., Ltd.

    • ENF has provided high quality advertisement service for the last three years, its unique professional advertising has brought us substantial amounts of new clients,which is why we have continued to cooperate with ENF and will continue to do so in the future. We trust ENF to deliver results.

      Mr. Wu,Dongguan Quoncion
      Solar Energy Lighting Co., Ltd.

    • Many companies visited our website thanks to our company profile in the ENF directory. For this reason we thought of improving our visibility by purchasing an advertising package.

      Mr. Gabriele Pettennuzzo,
      President, P.Energy

    • ENF advertising is very useful to us. We have used their homepage banner advert, sponsored links and profile advert, and we chose to continue our advertising with ENF.

      Mr. Zheng Guibiao,
      Sungrow Power Supply

    • We are thankful to ENF for providing us with a professional, high quality PV website and information platform. Many of our customers have come through our company profile on ENF's website. We hope to increase our cooperation with ENF's business activities to bring mutual benefits to each other in the PV industry.

      Mr. Lin,
      Beijing Delicacy

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