Advanced Solar Voltaic Sdn Bhd

Advanced Solar Voltaic Sdn Bhd

No. 8, Jalan 2/137B, Resource Industrial Centre, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3 79805419
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Paul Millott R&D Director

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Mobile Phone Charger, Battery Charger Integrated into Backpack, Small General Purpose Battery Charger, Suitcase Power Unit, Larger Home Power Systems, Battery Charger Integrated into Bags, Battery Charger in Umbrella, Portable Folding (or Roll) Power Unit, Portable Panel Power Unit eg 20W, Water Pumps, Water Oxygenation, Flood Lights, Lawn Lights (Spike Ends), Decorative Lights (eg Stick Lights), Yard Lights (over 2m Height), Craft Lights (Ornamental Figures), Post or Pillar Cap Lights, Garden Lights (Medium Height), Table Umbrella Lights, Street Lights, Advertising Billboard Lighting, Lamp Post Illuminations (Art Lights), Kiosk and Shelter Lighting, Lanterns, Torch, House Names and Numbers, Door Lock Illuminator, Wall Lights, Portable Ventilation Fans, Fixed Ventilation Fans, Windows with Integrated Lights, Warning Lights for Tall Buildings, Security Lights (with Motion Detection), CCTV, Boats - Solar Powered, Electric Cars with Integrated PV Panels, Car Ventilation Fan, Boats - Hybrid/Solar, Other Electric Vehicles with Integrated PV Panels, Car Sunroof, Traffic Signs and Lights, General Purpose Warning Light, Traffic Studs, Traffic Arrow Directional Lights, Airfield Lights, Maritime Light Buoy, Electric Fence

Company Updates

19 Oct 2016

Patent Pending. After many years of research we have managed to apply for Patent on a revolutionary method to reduce the cost of PV, achieving grid parity and making PV available to poor people.

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