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Shenzhen Constant Technology Co., Ltd.

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Inverter, Battery, Charge Controller
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Off-grid, Micro-inverter
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Shenzhen CONSNANT Technology Co., Ltd. (simple name: CONSNANT) is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in the field of electric power product R&D, manufacture and marketing. Our main products include various kinds of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) such as Modular UPS, Outdoor Telecom UPS, Industrial special UPS; Solar Power System both home use and telecom use; DC Power Supply System (Rectifier Module, Monitoring Module, Battery Inspection Module) etc.

We have the ability to customize the products as the requirements of customer. And would like to working together with the global partner on OEM or ODM form.

Over the years we adhere to the "quality first, credit first, customer first, integrity-based" operating principles of market development. And our products are widely using in the field of army, bank, bank, insurance, telecom, power plant and manufacturing industry etc. and win the good reputation from partner and user after our hard work.

Production capacity
CONSNANT has the advanced SMT automatic placement machine ( YAMAHA), AI automatic component inserter, automatic crest welder, automatic assembly line etc. Meanwhile, the company has actively adopted new technology and new process continually.
CONSNANT increase the investment in the production management and equipment every year. According to the international standards of production "Customer demand as the center, production management as the base, product quality as the system", we supply products on time with efficient, energy-saving.
CONSNANT will become an international renowned modern enterprise and have a more brilliant future.

Enterprise culture
Values: gratitude, integrity, responsibility, inclusive, love
Business idea: treat customers, treat employees, benefits the community
Employment ideality: good morals firstly, exceptional talent secondly
Management concept: Military discipline + rich study atmosphere like school + Familial warmth
Action idea: serious, efficient, refuse any excuse
Staff spirit:passion, enthusiasm, sincere, persistent

Products (Advertising)

CNS 0.5-6KW Inverter

CNS series Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger 500W-6000W, LED/LCD digital display, 3times peak power, low frequency type with transformer, UPS function. It widely applied in wind generator, Solar power system, house, vehicle, ship, navigation and places where lack of city power, mobile electricity work and telecommunications device, launch Station.

Main Features:

1.LED/LCD digital display show voltage, load and battery info in real time.
2.Peak power is three times of rated power.
3.Can work with inductive load such as air conditioner, motor door and so on.
4.Pure sine wave output, available for sensitive load.
5.4-step progressive charging, 7 battery type selector.
6.Fast and powerful charger with 20A and 35A.
7.Accept generator’s energy output.
8.High power factor 0.9, low power consumption.
9.Automatically transfer between battery and line modes.
10.Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability.
11.Bypass without battery connected.
12.Remote control function.
13.Protection against: Over load, over temperature, over charging, low battery
14.Reverse connection (optional by hard connector), Blackouts

HD Plus Inverter

♦ HD Plus Series AC/Solar charging Off grid Hybrid Inverter.
♦ Built-in enhanced AC charger
♦ Built-in solar charger controller up to 40A
♦ Selectable Input voltage ranges/AC charging current/ AC or solar charger priority
♦ Intelligent 3-stage charger control for efficient charging and preventing over charger
♦ Auto restart upon AC recovery
♦ LCD+LED display
♦ Multiple protections: low battery alarm, low battery shutdown, over chargerprotection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection

CNS110 series AC/Solar Charging Off Grid Hybrid Inverter

1. CNS110 series AC/Solar Charging Off Grid Hybrid Inverter
2. LED/LCD display, Enhanced function setting via LCD, Man-machine intelligent design
3. Built-in 40A/60A optional MPPT solar charger controller
4. LCD shows the solar capacity
5. Five stages adjustable AC charging current. AC charging also can be closed.
6. AC/DC priority modes
7. Generator restart signal (dry contact)
8. Three times peak power. Strong loading capacity.9. Overload, output short-circuit protection.



  • $0.072 / Wp
    CNS 1-6KW Inve...
    1~6 kW
  • $0.065 / Wp
    HD Plus Invert...
    0.72~1.3 kW Off-grid
  • $0.010 / Wp
    1~12 kW Off-grid
  • CNS112
    1~6 kW
  • CNS111
    1~2 kW Off-grid
  • MINI CNS112
    0.5~1 kW

Charge Controller

  • $250 / Unit
    $5.00 / Amp
  • MPPT-40-60A
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