Solar Battery Manufacturers

Companies involved in Battery production, a key component of solar systems. 383 Battery manufacturers are listed below.

Name Region Output Capacity (Ah) Technology No. of Known Sellers

ENF’s industry directory team have researched thousands of component wholesalers and distributors around the world, carefully recording which brands each seller is offering. As a general rule, the more sellers a company has the more popular it is likely to be. It is not a perfect measurement, as manufacturers will have different distribution models, however it is a useful indicator of the size/popularity of the brand.

1st Sunergy United States
A.A.Silva Portugal 1.2-250
Abshine China 4.5-200 VLA, SLA
Accu Italia Italy GEL, AGM 1
ACL Baterias Spain 200-3000
Acumuladores Moura Brazil 3
Ads-tec Germany
Aecopower China
AIMS Power United States AGM
Akasol Germany Lithium Ion 2
Akkumulatorenfabrik Moll Germany AGM 2
Aküsan Turkey GEL 1
Al-Aidaroos Solar Yemen VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Alcad United Kingdom AGM, SLA 1
Allgrand Group China 20 - 2000 SLA
ANewPow Taiwan
Anhui PowerSolar New Energy China
Anhui Xinneng Power China 0.5-3000 VLA, GEL
Aokly Power China VLA, GEL
Arise India India 10-1200 GEL
Artheon Batteries India 3.3 - 3,000 VLA
ASV Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 26Ah to 100Ah VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Atlasbx Korea AGM 2
Autobat Argentina 110-230
AX Power Germany
B. B. Battery China GEL, AGM 2
BAE Batterien Germany 70 - 4940 VLA, GEL 21
Banner Austria 9 - 105 GEL, AGM 7
Batebol  advertising company Bolivia 100-200 AGM
Battery Energy Australia GEL 1
Battery Supplies Belgium 18-3690 GEL, AGM
BBI Batteries United States 170-1360 SLA
Bboxx United Kingdom 1
Beaut Netherlands 40-260 AGM
Beco United Kingdom
Beijing Link Photovoltaic China GEL, AGM
Beijing Multifit Electrical Technology China GEL, AGM
Beijing Prostar International Electric China GEL, AGM
Bekar Europe Germany 100-220 GEL
Betta Batteries South Africa 4.5 - 3300
Bindal & Bindal Battries India SLA
BLS Battery China 31-3000 GEL, SLA
Bluesun Solar Energy Tech. China 38-3000 AGM
Boundless Glory Energy Hong Kong 1.2-200 GEL, SLA
Bren-Tronics United States
BSB Power China 7-250 GEL, AGM 4
Büttner Elektronik Germany 90-400 GEL, AGM
BYD China 6
C&D Technologies United States VLA 11
CAEC Taiwan
CALB China 500 VLA, GEL, AGM 4
CamdenBoss United Kingdom 7.4-211 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Canbat Batteries Canada Between 0.8 to 2000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
CBB China 24-3000 GEL 1
CCB Industrial   Reviews China 0.5-220 VLA, GEL, SLA 2
CCBS Energia Portugal GEL, AGM
CDS Solar  advertising company China GEL
Celltech Sweden 0.8-200 SLA
Centennial Battery United States 32-225 GEL, AGM 1
Centurion Akku Netherlands 1
Chadi China 4-300 AGM
Changhong Battery China 22.5-45 2
Changxing Chisen China VLA, GEL 1
Cixi Caiyue Photovoltaic Technology China
Clayton Power Denmark Lithium Ion
Cnsolarwind China 200 VLA, GEL
Constant Technology  advertising company China 100-2000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Continental Batteries United States 1.3-250 GEL
Coopower Battery China 500 GEL, AGM 1
Coslight China
Crown Battery United States SLA 14
CSB Taiwan 7.2-150 VLA 28
CSPower China 0.8-3500 VLA, GEL, AGM, Lithium Ion 1
Delkor Korea 4
Delta Battery Russia 1.2-3000 GEL, AGM 8
Deutsche Power Germany 50-2000 GEL, AGM
Discover Energy Canada GEL, AGM 4
Do-Fluoride New Energy China Lithium Ion
DPE Solar Turkey GEL
Duncan Venezuela 65-200 AGM 1
Dyno Battery United States
E-Solar Australia 7-3000 GEL, AGM
E. Schnapp Israel 33-420
EaglePicher Commercial Power United States SLA 3
East Penn   Reviews United States GEL, AGM 54
Easun Industrial  advertising company China 4.5-200 GEL, AGM
EEMB China SLA, Lithium Ion
Electrovaya Canada
Eload Power Equipment  advertising company China
Energy Depot Switzerland 200
EnerSys   Reviews United States 207-3170 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA, Lithium Ion 42
EnPower Energy China
EPPSI Energy Taiwan
EPS Solar Spain VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Eshia Spain 25-1990 GEL, AGM
ET SolarPower Germany GEL
EverExceed Industrial Hong Kong 0.5-4000 GEL, AGM 3
Excess China 0.8-3000 AGM
Exide Technologies   Reviews United States 104-6000 GEL, AGM 76
FAAM Italy 2

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