Solar Battery Manufacturers

Companies involved in Battery production, a key component of solar systems. 384 Battery manufacturers are listed below.

Name Region Output Capacity (Ah) Technology No. of Known Sellers

ENF’s industry directory team have researched thousands of component wholesalers and distributors around the world, carefully recording which brands each seller is offering. As a general rule, the more sellers a company has the more popular it is likely to be. It is not a perfect measurement, as manufacturers will have different distribution models, however it is a useful indicator of the size/popularity of the brand.

Sonnenschein   Reviews Germany 56
Southern Batteries India 40-1,500 VLA 1
SSA Group Ukraine 7.5-3000 AGM
SSB Battery Germany VLA, SLA
SSG Power India 50-150
Stark Power United States 2
Starlight Power China 5-250 GEL
Starlinh Power Technology China 7-200 GEL, AGM
Storage Battery Systems United States 40-1250 GEL, AGM
Su-Kam Power Systems India 25-220 VLA 3
Sun Battery Germany 7-230
Sun Green Energy Technology China GEL, AGM
Sun Panels Greece VLA, GEL, AGM
Sun Xtender Batteries United States AGM 48
Suneco Techno China 60-3000 VLA, GEL, AGM
SunLab Power Brazil 14-220
Sunlight  advertising company Greece 50-4620 VLA, GEL, AGM 6
Sunlike China 5-3500 GEL, AGM
Sunnyway Battery China 7-3000 VLA, SLA 1
Sunrise Technology India
SunStone Power China 1-3000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA 2
Super B Netherlands 1
Suzhou Efox Power Tech China 24-200
Suzhou Universal-Power China 1
TAB Batteries   Reviews Slovenia GEL, AGM 8
Tadiran Batteries Germany 1
Taihang Power China 300 AGM
Tanweer Solar Energy United Arab Emirates GEL, AGM
Techfine Electronic China 1.5-3000 GEL, AGM
Teksan Turkey 38-200 GEL
Telong Battery Technology China 2.5-4000 GEL, AGM
TEMRII Hong Kong 8-220 GEL, AGM, SLA
Ten Sources Solar Electricity Hong Kong 100-260 VLA, GEL, AGM
Tesla Energy United States Lithium Ion 5
Thai Storage Battery Thailand
Tianneng China
TMP Scientific China 100
Tongyu Technology China SLA
Topband China
Toshiba   Reviews Japan 3
Tov Haz Vladar Ukraine GEL
Tripp Lite United States 1
Trojan Battery United States 33-1110 GEL, AGM 169
True Power India 100-180
U.S. Battery United States 35-1,250 AGM, SLA 19
Ultracell (UK) United Kingdom GEL, AGM, SLA 9
Union Battery China AGM
Unique SSS Solar Power Systems India 1.5-200
UP China VLA, GEL, SLA 7
Urban Solar Canada
Urja Global India 20-200
Vanadis Power Germany
Vapel Power Supply China 1-200
VARTA AG Germany 26
Vasworld Power China 24-250 VLA, GEL
Victron Energy   Reviews Netherlands VLA, GEL, AGM 88
ViZn Energy Systems United States
Volt Technology China 9.5-3500 VLA
Voltec Storage Battery China VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Wbr Battery China 2.5-3000
Well Solar China
Wenzhou Sunri China GEL, SLA
WhisperPower Netherlands 55-1500 GEL, AGM
Willard Batteries South Africa VLA 1
Wiosun Germany AGM
Wolong Dengta China GEL, AGM, SLA
Wuhan ChangGuang Battery China 0.7-255 VLA, SLA
Wuhan Interpower China 24-3000 VLA
XENON India 64-128 3
Xiangyang Jinxiang Photoelectric Technology Shares China 20-400
Xie'erxing New Energy Techonology China 4-250 SLA
Xinchi Photoelectricity Technology China
Xinxiang Xintai Battery Science & Technology China AGM
Yangzhou Yongda Power China 90-3000 GEL
Yiğit Akü Malzemeleri Turkey GEL
Yizheng Liming Battery China
Yuasa Battery United States 15
Yunkai New Energy China
Zhejiang Inovus Technology China 1-3,000 SLA
Zhejiang Linix Solar Technology China GEL, SLA
Zhejiang Ruihua Machinery China GEL, AGM
Zhuhai Beeland Solar Tech. China
Zibo Torch Energy China

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