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Rimas is specialized in module manufacturing equipment. Rimas supplies turn-key solutions for PV module production up to 50MW, both automated and semi automated (lean), as well as back end solutions for PV and thin film lines up to 100MW.

Besides that we provide smart solutions for improving the production process both inline and offline; like compact framers, tape tools, walking beams, smart handling, several side equipment and test equipment. Rimas already designed and installed equipment and turn-key lines at dozens of companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and is well known for its high standards in product quality and service. Rimas can offer consultancy on production layout and all relevant module manufacturing issues in order to assist and support start ups and growth scenario.

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Turnkey module line 5 - 50 MW

Rimas offers smart turnkey module manufacturing lines up to 50MW. Based on smart Rimas technologies it is possible to create a (semi) automated high standard turnkey solution , for a very acceptable price. Rimas combines self designed technologies for handling, transferring, framing and testing, with A-class stringers, laminators and sun simulators. Depending on the available factory building dimensions, the layout can be adapted; One straight line, L-shaped, U-shaped, etcetera. The Rimas lines can be designed for single or multiple module sizes.

To make the module manufacturing market accessible for starters, Rimas has designed a special layout. It is a semi automated solution with a limited capacity.

NEW product line: VITRODODI Glass Washers

With more than 90 years of experience VITRODODI is specialized in the development and production of washing machinery for the worldwide glass and photovoltaic market. For the Solar market VITRODODI focuses on horizontal and vertical washing machines. VITRODODI is part of the RIMAS Technology Group.

Product Range:

Solar Mirror Compact
Solar Mirror One
Solar Mirror One Eco

Post lamination equipment

Technical Description:

Throughput: Minimum of 40 panels/hours
• Laminate inspection
• Cuttin
• Taping
• Framing
• Junction box placement
• Flash testing
• Automatic label placement
• Automated connection of all functions
Global dimensions: 22x3 meters
Laminate sizes: From 1400x600 up to 2000x1300 mm
Options: • Automatic buffering/stacking
• Automatic cutting
• Automatic taping • Automatic load of frame parts
• Clinching
• Automatic smoothing of corners (without filing!)

This line is a good example of the post lamination lines we offer. It automatically transports the laminate through the line with the use of a revolutionary moving beam concept. It ensures a smooth and fast transport of the laminates and keeps the laminate in position at all times. The concept can easily be extended with options to automate the line further and reduce labour costs if necessary.

Framing tables

Technical Description:

Throughput: Solutions from 10 to 60 modules per hour
Functions, depending on version: • Fixed or flexible dimensions
• Fixed or flexible dimension
• Pneumatic or hydro pneumatic press functions
• Fit for various connection types
o Tape
o Silicone or other glue type
o Screwed corners
o Pressed corners
o Pressed and clinched corners
• Automatic or manual laminate load and unload
Global dimensions: Small framers of 1&x2 meters, large framers 2x3 meter (footprint)
Laminate sizes: From 1400x600 up to 2000x1300 mm. Depending on the model a set of press beams for each framer.
Options: Automatic load of frame parts on some models

Rimas is experienced in building several solutions for framing, both standard and custom solutions can be offered. We have built solutions for various different frame types and connection solutions. The best framing result is usually obtained with a framing solution exactly fitting your frame design.

Crack Detection (RUV)

Technical Description:

Throughput: Offline: 350 to 900 wafers/cells per hour
Inline: under 2 seconds per wafers/cells
Functions: Resonance Ultrasonic Vibrations Technology
Detection of cracks in wafers 1 mm<
Detection of cracks in cells 3 mm<
Reliability up to 95%
Non destructive
Suitable for high speed testing
Offline QC Tool - Manual cell/wafer handling
Offline QC Tool - Automatic cell/wafer
Options: Inline 24/7 - Under development (Q1 2009)

RIMAS participates in the joint venture RUV Systems BV which specializes in crack detection in PV mono and multi crystalline wafer, cell and module manufacturing. The Resonance Ultrasonic Vibrations (RUV) Technology is the most reliable form of crack detection in a production environment. In such an environment the ROI could even go down to three (!) months. RUV is non destructive, fast and has a reliability up to 95%. Currently there are offline solutions available. In 2009 RUV Systems will come up with inline crack detection. RUV has its research facilities in Tampa Florida.

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