Coating/Deposition Manufacturers - Cell Production Equipment

Companies involved in Coating/Deposition machine production, a key piece of equipment for the production of solar cell. 97 Coating/Deposition equipment manufacturers are listed below.

Cell Production Equipment
Name Region No. Staff Equipment Types
Advanced System Technology Taiwan Cell Evaporation, Cell Sputtering, Cell PECVD
Aixtron Germany Cell MOCVD
AJA International United States Cell Sputtering
Allwin21 United States 40 Cell Sputtering
Almatec Maschinenbau Germany Cell AR Coating
Amaya Japan 48 Cell APCVD
Annealsys France 12 Cell Sputtering, Cell CVD, Cell MOCVD, Cell LPCVD
Applied Materials United States Cell PVD
Archers China 60 Cell PECVD, Cell MOCVD, Cell PVD, Cell LPCVD, Cell CVD, Cell Evaporation, Cel...
ASM International Netherlands Cell LPCVD
Atotech Deutschland Germany Deposition
Bobst Switzerland 100 Cell Coating Equipment
Bürkle Germany 560 Cell Coating Equipment
Canon Tokki Japan 327 Cell Sputtering, Cell CVD
CCR Technology Germany 15 Cell PECVD
centrotherm  advertising Germany 700 Cell PECVD, Cell CVD, Cell LPCVD, Cell Coating Equipment, Cell PVD, Cell AR C...
CETC48 China 3,000 Cell PECVD
CVD Equipment United States 200 Cell CVD
Dawonsys Korea Cell CVD
Denton Solar United States 50 Cell Sputtering, Cell PECVD
DMS Korea 1000 Cell CVD
Ebara Japan 15,170 Vacuum Pump for Deposition
Exact S.C China 1000 Cell PECVD
F.S.E Taiwan 100 Cell Sputtering, Cell CVD
Fortix Technology Korea Cell PECVD
Fullshare EP China 100 Cell PECVD
Goldliton Electronic Equipment China 120 Cell PECVD
GPM Taiwan Cell PECVD
HBI China Cell PECVD
Heller Korea Korea 120 Cell PVD
Hennecke Systems Germany Cell PECVD
Huaqi Technology China 50 Cell PECVD, Cell MOCVD, Cell LPCVD
Huayu Microelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. China Cell PECVD
Indeotec Switzerland Cell PECVD, Cell PVD
Infovion Korea Cell PECVD, Cell MOCVD
Jinan Liguan Electronic Technology China 60 Cell Sputtering, Cell PECVD, Cell LPCVD
Jonas & Redmann Germany 750 Cell PECVD
Jusung Engineering Korea 500 Cell PECVD
Kenosistec Italy Cell Evaporation, Cell Sputtering, Cell PECVD, Cell PVD
KUKA Systems Germany 3,500 Liquid Flow-Management System
Kunshan Ruiyisheng Electric China Cell PECVD
Kurt J. Lesker United States Cell PECVD
KYKY Technology China Vacuum Pump for Deposition
LPT Thermprozess Germany Cell PECVD, Cell LPCVD
M. Watanabe Japan 57 Cell CVD, Cell APCVD, Cell MOCVD
Masimo Semiconductor United States Cell MOCVD
MDC Vacuum Products United States Vacuum Pump for Deposition
Meyer Burger Switzerland 600 Cell Coating Equipment
Microspray United States Cell AR Coating
MVSystems United States Cell PECVD
Nano-Master United States Cell Evaporation, Cell Sputtering, Cell PECVD, Cell MOCVD
NCD  advertising Korea 50 Cell Evaporation
Nordson EFD United States Cell Coating Equipment
Orbotech Israel 1,500 Cell AR Coating
Orient Service Taiwan Waste Gas Abatement
Osaka Vacuum Japan 191 Vacuum Pump for Deposition
Pfeiffer Vacuum Germany Cell PVD
Picosun Finland Cell APCVD
Plasma-Therm United States Cell PECVD
Qingdao Mas Micro-Electronics China 140 Cell PECVD, Cell LPCVD
Qingdao Share Microelectronics China 50 Cell LPCVD
Qingdao Yuhao Microelectronics Equipment China 100 Cell PECVD
Roth & Rau Germany 883 Cell PECVD, Cell Coating Equipment
SCHMID  advertising Germany 1,200 Cell PECVD, Cell APCVD
Semco Technologies France 150 Cell PECVD, Cell AR Coating
Sentech Instruments Germany Cell PECVD
Sevenstar Electronics China 3000 Cell PECVD
SFA Engineering Korea 730 Cell Sputtering, Deposition
Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machinery China Vacuum Pump for Deposition
Shanghai Solar Energy Research Center China 100 Cell PECVD
Shimadzu Japan 10,395 Cell PECVD, Cell AR Coating
Sidrabe Latvia Cell Evaporation, Cell Sputtering, Cell PECVD
SierraTherm United States Cell APCVD
Singulus Stangl Solar Germany 250 Cell PECVD
Singulus Technologies Germany Cell PECVD
SKY Technology China 340 Cell PECVD
SoLayTec Netherlands Deposition
Sterling SIHI GmbH Germany Vacuum Pump for Deposition
Sungjin Semitech Korea Cell LPCVD
Sunred Electronic Equipment China 300 Cell PECVD
SVCS Process Innovation Czech Republic Cell PECVD, Cell LPCVD
SVS United Kingdom Cell Evaporation, Cell Sputtering, Cell PVD
Taiko Kikai Industries Japan 382 Vacuum Pump for Deposition
Tempress Systems Netherlands 300 Cell PECVD
TES Co., Ltd. Korea 168 Cell Evaporation, Cell Sputtering, Cell PECVD, Deposition
Tianlong Photoelectric China 180 Cell MOCVD
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Japan 1,576 Cell Coating Equipment
Toray Engineering Japan 2,201 Cell AR Coating
Trumpf Hüttinger Germany Cell Sputtering, Cell PECVD, Cell PVD
Tystar United States Cell PECVD
Ultech Korea Cell Evaporation, Cell Sputtering, Cell CVD, Cell PECVD, Cell MOCVD, Cell Coa...
Ultrasonic Systems United States Cell Coating Equipment
V-Technology Japan 443 Cell PECVD
VAT ​Group Switzerland Vacuum Pump for Deposition
Von Ardenne Anlagentechnik Germany Cell Evaporation, Cell Sputtering
Wakom Taiwan Cell PECVD
Wonik IPS Korea 550 Cell PECVD, Cell LPCVD

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