Cutting Manufacturers - Wafer Production Equipment

Companies involved in Cutting machine production, a key piece of equipment for the production of solar wafer. 59 Cutting equipment manufacturers are listed below.

Wafer Production Equipment
Name Region No. Staff Equipment Types
45th Institute of CETC China 950 Cutting Equipment, Wire Saws
Andosaw Japan Band Saws
Applied Materials United States Cutting Equipment, Wire Saws
ATV Technologie Germany Diamond Wire Saws
BSMT China 300 Cutting Equipment
CETC48 China 3,000 Wire Saws, Cutting Equipment
Chongqing Shengong Mchinery Manufacturing China 130 Diamond Wire Saws
Chongqing Yuanqi Scientific & Technological Development China Cutting Equipment
Diamond Wire Technology United States Cutting Equipment, Diamond Wire Saws
Disco Japan 4147 Cutting Equipment
Disec Korea 180 Wire Saws, Diamond Wire Saws
EETS United Kingdom 8 Cutting Equipment
EMB Germany Cutting Equipment
Ferrotec Japan 126 Wire Saws
GEA Westfalia Separator Group Germany 3000 Slurry Recovery System
Han's Laser China 5,320 Cutting Equipment
Hanjiang Machine Tool China Wire Saws
Hanwha TechM Korea Slurry Recovery System
Herbert Arnold Germany 190 Band Saws, Cutting Equipment
HG Laser China 2,000 Cutting Equipment
Hubei Huaxin Technology China Band Saws
Hunan Yujing Machine Industrial China Wire Saws
IHI Japan 1,026 Slurry Recovery System
Ishii Hyoki Japan 390 Wire Saws
Jiangsu A and N Eng PV-Tech China Cutting Equipment
Jiangsu Yangfan Mech & Elec Equipment Manufacturing China Slurry Recovery System
Jinggong Electromechanical China 1300 Cutting Equipment
Kaiyuan Solar China 300 Wire Saws
Keyland China 58 Cutting Equipment
Komatsu NTC Japan Cutting Equipment, Slurry Recovery System, Wire Saws, Diamond Wire Saws
Linton PV&SEMI Machine China Cutting Equipment
Logitech United Kingdom Wire Saws
Logomatic Germany Cutting Equipment, Diamond Wire Saws
M. Watanabe Japan 57 Slurry Recovery System
Meyer Burger Switzerland 600 Band Saws, Wire Saws, Diamond Wire Saws
Micron Diamond Taiwan Wire Saws
MTI United States Cutting Equipment, Diamond Wire Saws
Ningbo Sawmaster Precision Machinery China Wire Saws
NV Bekaert Belgium Band Saws
Okamoto Semiconductor Equipment Division United States Cutting Equipment
Qingdao Gaoce Technology China Cutting Equipment
RENA Germany 2166 Cutting Equipment, Slurry Recovery System, Wire Saws, Diamond Wire Saws
Roth & Rau Germany 883 Slurry Recovery System, Diamond Wire Saws
Samjung Green Tech Korea 160 Wire Saws
Sanchao Diamond China 130 Diamond Wire Saws
Suzhou HRT China 300 Cutting Equipment
Taizhou Shuanghui Machinery Equipment China Cutting Equipment
Takatori Japan 212 Cutting Equipment, Wire Saws
Tianlong Photoelectric China 180 Cutting Equipment
Tokyo Rope Japan 1800 Wire Saws
Toyo Advanced Technologies Japan 627 Diamond Wire Saws
Well Diamond Wire Saws Switzerland Diamond Wire Saws
WES Korea Wire Saws
Wuxi Shangji Automation China Band Saws, Cutting Equipment, Diamond Wire Saws
Xiamen Cutsharp Diamond Wire China Diamond Wire Saws
Xinyu Yinlong Jidian China Wire Saws
Yasunaga Japan 740 Wire Saws
Yicheen Technology Taiwan Cutting Equipment
Zhejiang Jinding Saw Tools China Band Saws, Cutting Equipment

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