Connector Manufacturers

Companies involved in Connector production, a key sourcing item for solar panel manufacturers. 173 Connector manufacturers are listed below.

Crystalline Panel Process
Sponsor Companies Region No. Staff Material Types
QC Solar China 500 Connector
Name Region No. Staff Material Types
Safety-Contact China 40 Connector
Sanfeng Power China Connector
Schaltbau China Connector
Schurter Switzerland Connector
Shanghai Lianzhan Technology China Connector
Shanghai SMS Electric China Connector
Shenzhen Chogori Technology China Connector
Shenzhen City R&X Technology China Connector
Shenzhen Copocom Electronics China Connector
Shenzhen Delichang Technology China Connector
Shenzhen Grid Power Connectors China Connector
Shihe New Energy China 500 Connector
Shoals Technologies United States 3,000 Connector
Sichuan Yonggui Science and Technology China Connector
SINBON Electronics Taiwan 1200 Connector
Singatron Taiwan Connector
SKS Kontakttechnik Germany Connector
Slocable China 50 Connector
SMK Electronics Corporation United States Connector
Solar - Kabel Germany Connector
Solartec de México Mexico 35 Connector
Solton Japan 73 Connector
Souriau USA United States Connector
Sun King Energy Technology China Connector
Suncon PV Technology China 500 Connector
Sunkye International Hong Kong Connector
Sunlont China 300 Connector
Sunrous New Energy China 100 Connector
Sunter & NBZH China 600 Connector
Sunyo Photovoltaic China 165 Connector
Suzhou Chunyi Electric China Connector
Suzhou Industrial Park Exceedconn Technology China Connector
Suzhou UKT New Energy Technology China 50 Connector
Suzhou XTONG Photovoltaic Technologies China 100 Connector
Suzhou Zhongxingshany Electronics China Connector
Taitong Electrical (Taizhou) China Connector
Talen Technology China 150 Connector
Tapollop Technology Taiwan Connector
TH Solar China 100 Connector
Ti-lane Precision Electronic (ShenZhen) China Connector
Tianyou PV China 190 Connector
Tripp Lite United States Connector
Tyco Electronics   Reviews United States Connector
U.I. Lapp Germany Connector
Vieco Russia Connector
Volex United Kingdom Connector
Wcon Hardware Electronics China 650 Connector
Wenzhou Sunri China Connector
Wieland Germany Connector
Wip Meß Germany Connector
Wuxi Min Yue Metal Products China Connector
Wuyi Shengyi Energy Technology China Connector
Xiongchang Technology China Connector
Yamaichi Electronics Germany Connector
YiChuan Photoelectric China Connector
Yueqing City Jinchuan Electronics China Connector
Yueqing Laike Photovoltaic China Connector
Yueqing Rongrun Electric China Connector
Yukita Electric Wire Japan 350 Connector
YY Solar China Connector
Zensky China 380 Connector
Zhangjiagang XiechangPV China 100 Connector
Zhejiang Forsol Energy China Connector
Zhejiang Jiaming Tianheyuan Photovoltaic Technology China Connector
Zhejiang Sike Photovoltaic Science and Technology China Connector
Zhejiang SMS Technology China 500 Connector
Zhejiang XinChi Electric China Connector
Zhejiang Xinhui Photovoltaic Technology China Connector
Zhengjiang Tonglin Electric China 560 Connector
Zhenjiang Beite China Connector
Zhenjiang Haitian Photovoltaic China 200 Connector
Zhenjiang Zhongjia Electric China Connector
Zhilei Energytech Taiwan Connector

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