Crucible Manufacturers

Companies involved in Crucible production, a key sourcing item for solar ingot manufacturers. 116 Crucible manufacturers are listed below.

Name Region No. Staff Material Types No. of Known Customers

Definition of No. Known Customers:

ENF has a PV market research department that conducts expert interviews through the telephone with over 1,000 solar ingot, wafer, cell and panel manufacturers each year, which is clearly better coverage than any other research firm. We collect a great deal of detailed data from each company for our market research reports – including details of what solar production equipment their factory uses and what material brands they use. We also co-operate with equipment and material companies to understand who their customers are – but those customers are only counted officially when the ingot/wafer/cell/panel manufacturer themselves have confirmed usage of that brand.

So the number showing is the number of ingot/wafer/cell/panel manufacturers that have clearly stated to us that they use that equipment or material brand. We are not saying that this is the absolute total number of customers they have – however it is a helpful indicator of the size/popularity of the brand. Finally it should be mentioned that the majority of companies we interview tell us what equipment and materials brands they use, so these numbers are based on excellent coverage of the market.

AdValue Technology United States Quartz Crucible
Advanced Quartz Material China Quartz Crucible 3 (Quartz Crucible)
AMT Technology China Quartz Crucible
Aobo Quartz China 50 Quartz Crucible
Artech Graphite China 80 Graphite Crucible
Beijing Guangxin Guoneng Caron China Graphite Crucible
Beiyuan Special Caramics China Quartz Crucible, Graphite Crucible
BG Graphite China Graphite Crucible
Binzhou Likang Ceramic material China Quartz Crucible
CD Carbon China 500 Graphite Crucible
Cencera   advertising company China Quartz Crucible
Changlong Quartz China 105 Quartz Crucible
Changxin Shicheng Furnace Specials   advertising company China Quartz Crucible, Ceramic Crucible
Changzhou Yuneng China Quartz Crucible 2 (Quartz Crucible)
Covalent Materials Japan Quartz Crucible 2 (Quartz Crucible)
CZ-Carbon Products Czech Republic Graphite Crucible
Donghai Jingxiang Quartz Products China 100 Quartz Crucible
Dongyu Quartz Products China Quartz Crucible 2 (Quartz Crucible)
E.Vila Projects & Supplies Spain Quartz Crucible
Feilihua Quartz China 587 Quartz Crucible 1 (Quartz Crucible)
FengGu Mining China 200 Quartz Crucible
Ferrotec Japan 126 Quartz Crucible 3 (Quartz Crucible)
Five-star Graphite China 160 Graphite Crucible
FTH China 3,000 Quartz Crucible
Fujian Shanghang Zhaoyang Photovoltaic Technology China Graphite Crucible
Graphite Machining United States Quartz Crucible, Graphite Crucible
Graphite Products United States Graphite Crucible
Great Wall China 120 Graphite Crucible
Hanhong Precision Machinery China 400 Graphite Crucible
Hanyung Korea Quartz Crucible
Haoshi Carbon Fiber China 300 Graphite Crucible
Haoyue Quartz China Quartz Crucible
Helios Italquartz Italy Quartz Crucible
Hemsun High Purity Graphite Technology China Graphite Crucible
Henan Changrui Graphite China 120 Graphite Crucible
Heraeus Materials Technology Germany Quartz Crucible
Hongtu Grinding Ceramics China Ceramic Crucible
HRB Shenyu China Graphite Crucible
Huayang Quartz Glass China Quartz Crucible
Hunan Changyu China 320 Graphite Crucible
Huzhou Dongke Electron Quartz China Quartz Crucible
Ibiden Japan 3,304 Graphite Crucible
Industrial Carbons India Graphite Crucible
Jiangxi Zhongyu China Quartz Crucible, Ceramic Crucible 1 (Quartz Crucible)
Jiangyin Baorun Quartz Technology China Quartz Crucible, Ceramic Crucible
Jiangyin Longyuan Quartz Products China Quartz Crucible 1 (Quartz Crucible)
Jiaxiang County Xinxing Carbon Science and Technology China 100 Quartz Crucible
Jinglong Group China 22,000 Quartz Crucible, Graphite Crucible
Jingyi Quartz Glass China Quartz Crucible
Jining Runpeng China Quartz Crucible 1 (Quartz Crucible)
Jinzhou East Quartz Material China Quartz Crucible
Jinzhoushi Linghequ Xinxin Quartz Glass Factory China Quartz Crucible
Juye Huada Precision Materials China Graphite Crucible
Kaisheng Quartz Products China Quartz Crucible
KBC Corporation China 180 Graphite Crucible
Kessen Ceramics China Quartz Crucible, Graphite Crucible
Kimwan Special Carbon & Graphite China Graphite Crucible
Kobelco Japan 1,116 Quartz Crucible
Leshan Topraycell China Quartz Crucible 2 (Quartz Crucible)
Lianyungang Quarld Quartz China Quartz Crucible
Lianyungang Sunlight China 300 Quartz Crucible 1 (Quartz Crucible)
Liaoyang Pengcheng Carbon Technology China Graphite Crucible
Liaoyang Prosperous Graphite China Graphite Crucible
Mersen France Graphite Crucible
Momentive Performance Materials United States Quartz Crucible
Morgan MMS China 100 Graphite Crucible
NingBo Boost Crucible & Thermal Products China Quartz Crucible 6 (Quartz Crucible)
Ningbo Jingyu Quartz China Quartz Crucible 1 (Quartz Crucible)
Ningxia Rijing New Energy Equipment China Quartz Crucible 1 (Quartz Crucible)
Nippon Carbon Japan 280 Graphite Crucible
North Xinyuan Electrical Carbon Products China 150 Graphite Crucible
Pacific Quartz Products China Quartz Crucible
Pingdingshan Baocheng Carbon China Graphite Crucible
Pingdingshan KaiYuan Special Graphite China Graphite Crucible
Progressive Technology United States Quartz Crucible
Pyromatics United States Quartz Crucible
Qianghua Quartz China Quartz Crucible
Quartz Tech Korea 98 Quartz Crucible
Quick Gem Optoelectronic China Quartz Crucible
ReneSola China 7,000 Quartz Crucible
Robust Quartz Material China Quartz Crucible 2 (Quartz Crucible)
Runchi Solar China Quartz Crucible 4 (Quartz Crucible)
Saint Gobain Solar France Quartz Crucible
Saint-Gobain Quartz France Quartz Crucible 5 (Quartz Crucible)
Sanye Carbon China 100 Graphite Crucible
Schunk Germany Graphite Crucible
SGL Carbon Germany Graphite Crucible
Shandong Guojing New Material China Ceramic Crucible, Graphite Crucible
Shanghai JMS Electronic Material China Graphite Crucible
Shanghai Ustron Quartz Glass China Quartz Crucible
Sinofusion Solar China Quartz Crucible 15 (Quartz Crucible)
Sinoma China Quartz Crucible 8 (Quartz Crucible)
SNC Ceramic Technology (Suzhou) China Quartz Crucible
Solar Cera Korea 5,000 Quartz Crucible
Steuler Solar Norway Ceramic Crucible
Succeeds Quartz Glass China Quartz Crucible
Taifeng Quartz China Quartz Crucible 2 (Quartz Crucible)
Tianfu Graphite Crucible China 150 Graphite Crucible
Tokai Carbon Japan Graphite Crucible
Toyo Tanso Japan 2,235 Graphite Crucible

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