Other Manufacturers

Companies involved in manufacturing less common types of solar panel materials.135 manufacturers of these types of solar panel materials are listed below.

Crystalline Panel Process
Name Region No. Staff Material Types
Shanghai Yusheng Sealing Material China Sealant
Shanxi Lvbang Fine Chenical China 100 Silicone Rubber Gasket
Shenzhen Evopute Material Industry China Sealant
Shenzhen Shing Hong Tai China Sealant
Sika Switzerland Sealant
Silicone Engineering United Kingdom Silicone Rubber Gasket
Socomec France 2,500 Switch
Solar Converters Canada Switch, Cathodic Protection
Solarplus Technology China Tapes
Suzhou Datong Advanced Materials China 50 Sealant
Suzhou ProJoy Electric China Switch
Telergón Spain Switch
Tenlee China Sealant
Tesa SE Germany 3,700 Tapes
Thomas Technology China Sealant
Tianchen New Materials China Sealant
Tonsan Adhesive China Sealant
U-Bond Material China 105 Sealant
UltraTape Industries United States Tapes
Victron Energy   Reviews Netherlands 75 Switch
Vindico Surface Technologies Netherlands Other for crystaline panel
VITO Irmen Germany Tapes
Wacker Chemie Germany Sealant
Weicon Germany Sealant
Weiss Chemie Germany Sealant
Wells Electronic Materials China 200 Sealant
Wuhan Double-Bond China Sealant
Yantai Darbond Technology China 200 Sealant
Yueqing Feeo Electric China Switch
YY Solar China Tapes
Zhejiang Liniz Fine Chemical China 260 Sealant
Zhejiang SMS Technology China 500 Switch
Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Applied Technology Research and Development China Sealant
Zhenjiang Beite China Sealant
ZJBENY China 200-300 Switch

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