Frame Manufacturers

Companies involved in Frame production, a key sourcing item for solar panel manufacturers. 87 Frame manufacturers are listed below.

Crystalline Panel Process
Sponsor Companies Region No. Staff Material Types
Davinsolar Aluminium China 400 Frame
STPV China 100 Frame
Shaoxing Solarcom Solar Equipment China 600 Frame
Name Region No. Staff Material Types
Accelor Precision Taiwan 200 Frame
AFCO Industries United States Frame
Alom India 60 Frame
Alpsan Aluminium Turkey Frame
Alumec Italy Frame
Anhui Yinjing Metal Products China Frame
Aret Metalltechnik Germany Frame
Asia Karensolar Frame   advertising company China 2000 Frame
Aster e Technologies India 15 Frame
Banco Aluminium India Frame
Baoding Zhongtai New Energy China Frame
Berbertec Germany Frame
Cappello Alluminio Italy Frame
Changshu Jingcheng Aluminium China 400 Frame
Chaoyang PV Technology China 100 Frame
Cixi ChuangQi Photovoltaic Technology China Frame
Coolman Novel Material Technology China Frame
CXPV China 650 Frame
Dae Yeong Metal Korea Frame
Davinsolar Aluminium   advertising company China 400 Frame
Dongkuk Energy Tech Korea 28 Frame
Forevertai China Frame
Freedom New Energy China Frame
Fujian Fenan Aluminum China Frame
Futura Industries United States Frame
FX Solar China Frame
Giant New Aluminum Industry China 200-300 Frame
Haihong Aluminum China 500 Frame
Haining Chuangyuan Solar Energy Technology China 200 Frame
Haining Guishidi Photovoltaic China Frame
Hanlong New Energy China 200 Frame
Hydro Aluminium Norway 23,000 Frame
Innovation Advertisement China Frame
Jiangsu Giantally China Frame
Jiangsu Lead Alumium China 2,100 Frame
Jiangsu Yihe New Material China Frame
Jiangyin Alutech Metal China 300 Frame
Jiangyin East-China Aluminum Technology China 2,000 Frame
Jiangyin Hengyang Modern Construction Material China Frame
Jiangyin Jushi Metal New Materials China 200 Frame
Jiangyin Meilv Meatal Product China Frame
Jiangyin Ruifeng China Frame
Jiangyin Sulv Aluminium China Frame
Jiangyin Xieli New Energy China 500 Frame
Jiangyin Xinyuan Aluminum China 1,200 Frame
Jiangyin Yongjia New Energy Technology China Frame
Jiangyin Yuanlv New Energy Metals China 100 Frame
Jinhua Shengtai New Energy Technology China Frame
Kingle China 1,000 Frame
KNE United States 2,000 Frame
Kunshan Mation Printing China 70 Frame
Langtai Metal China 98 Frame
Maywon PV China 120 Frame
Ocean New Energy Technology(Jiangsu) China Frame
OMCO United States 800 Frame
Optimal China 500 Frame
Presal Bosnia and Herzegovina 90 Frame
Press Metal International Technology China 6000 Frame
Profal Israel Frame
Qinyihe China 500 Frame
Robor South Africa Frame
Sanyifeida Technology China 200 Frame
Sapa Norway Frame
Shandong Jingang Aluminium Industry China 300 Frame
Shanghai Huichong China 50 Frame
Shaoxing Solarcom Solar Equipment   advertising company China 600 Frame
Shengtong Aluminum China 600 Frame
Sopray Solar Group China Frame
STPV   advertising company China 100 Frame
Sunnyside China 100 Frame
Sunrise Power China 1800 Frame
Sunshine solar China 100 Frame
Suzhou Rizhongtian Aluminium Industry China 200 Frame
Suzhou Zidong Energy Technology China Frame
Tianjin Sky Wing China 260 Frame
Token Aluminum Products China Frame
Tongling Jinvi China Frame
TS aluminum Germany Frame
UTTsolar Equipment China Frame
Wuxi Xisha Photoelectric Aluminium Products China 400 Frame
Xindongrui Alloy Material China Frame
Xinjiang Yuan Sheng Science and Technology China 600 Frame
Xuancheng Huilv Aluminium China 2,000 Frame
Yongbang Metals China 200 Frame
YY Solar China Frame
Zhangjiagang XiechangPV China 100 Frame
Zhongde Aluminum China Frame

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