Polysilicon Manufacturers

Companies involved in manufacturing less common types of solar ingot materials.79 manufacturers of these types of solar ingot materials are listed below.

Name Region No. Staff Material Types No. of Known Customers

Definition of No. Known Customers:

ENF has a PV market research department that conducts expert interviews through the telephone with over 1,000 solar ingot, wafer, cell and panel manufacturers each year, which is clearly better coverage than any other research firm. We collect a great deal of detailed data from each company for our market research reports – including details of what solar production equipment their factory uses and what material brands they use. We also co-operate with equipment and material companies to understand who their customers are – but those customers are only counted officially when the ingot/wafer/cell/panel manufacturer themselves have confirmed usage of that brand.

So the number showing is the number of ingot/wafer/cell/panel manufacturers that have clearly stated to us that they use that equipment or material brand. We are not saying that this is the absolute total number of customers they have – however it is a helpful indicator of the size/popularity of the brand. Finally it should be mentioned that the majority of companies we interview tell us what equipment and materials brands they use, so these numbers are based on excellent coverage of the market.

Activ Solar Austria 1,400 Polysilicon 1 (Polysilicon)
AE Polysilicon United States Polysilicon
Asia Silicon China Polysilicon
Beijing Goodwill Metal Technology China Polysilicon
China Silicon Corporation China 200 Polysilicon 16 (Polysilicon)
CPI Mengdong Energy Group China Polysilicon
Daqo New Energy China Polysilicon 7 (Polysilicon)
DunAn China Polysilicon
Elkem Solar Norway 2,400 Polysilicon
Emei Semiconductor China 2,000 Polysilicon 2 (Polysilicon)
ERDOS Polysilicon China 780 Polysilicon 2 (Polysilicon)
Fengwei Silicon Industry China 400 Polysilicon
Fine Eco Korea 40 Polysilicon
Fine Silicon China Polysilicon 1 (Polysilicon)
Fujian Yitian Silicon China Polysilicon
Fuyuan Silicon China Polysilicon
Fuzhou Hokin Chemical China 80 Polysilicon
GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Hong Kong 17,124 Polysilicon 4 (Polysilicon)
Globe Specialty Metals United States Polysilicon
GlobeSil United States Polysilicon
Guodian Ningxia Solar China Polysilicon 3 (Polysilicon)
Hankook Silicon Korea 210 Polysilicon 3 (Polysilicon)
Hebei Dongming Insilicon Technology China Polysilicon 1 (Polysilicon)
Hemlock Semiconductor United States 350 Polysilicon 8 (Polysilicon)
IDEA Polysilicon Saudi Arabia Polysilicon
Jaco SolarSi China Polysilicon
JFE Steel Corporation Japan 42,923 Polysilicon
Jiangxi Jingde Semiconductor China Polysilicon 1 (Polysilicon)
Jingda Semiconductor China Polysilicon
Jingxing China 550 Polysilicon
Jinzhou New Century Quartz China Polysilicon
KCC, KAM Korea Polysilicon
LDK Solar China 21,900 Polysilicon 1 (Polysilicon)
Ledian Tianwei Polysilicon China Polysilicon 12 (Polysilicon)
Luoyang Single Crystalline Silicon China 1,000 Polysilicon
Maharishi Solar Technology India 200 Polysilicon
Mascotte Hong Kong Polysilicon
Mitsubishi Electric   Reviews Japan 114,443 Polysilicon
Newsolar Energy Taiwan Polysilicon
Ningxia Ningdian PV Material China 170 Polysilicon 1 (Polysilicon)
ORISI Silicon China Polysilicon 4 (Polysilicon)
OSAKA Titanium Japan 690 Polysilicon
Powertec Energy Taiwan Polysilicon
ProPower China 260 Polysilicon
QSTec Qatar Polysilicon
Real Green Material Taiwan Polysilicon
REC   Reviews Norway 2,300 Polysilicon 10 (Polysilicon)
ReneSola China 7,000 Polysilicon 1 (Polysilicon)
RSI Silicon Products United States Polysilicon
Samsung Korea Polysilicon
Sangxing Silicon China 151 Polysilicon
Sanmenxia Dijiu Mining China Polysilicon
Schmid Silicon Germany 60 Polysilicon
Shaanxi Heling Electronic Material China 105 Polysilicon
Silicor Materials United States Polysilicon
Sinosi Baoly China 240 Polysilicon
SPB Germany Polysilicon
SSI   advertising company Korea Polysilicon
Sunout Energy & Material Technology China Polysilicon
Targray Technology Canada 100 Polysilicon
TBEA China 10,000 Polysilicon 13 (Polysilicon)
The Silicon Mine Netherlands Polysilicon
Tianhong Silicon China Polysilicon 3 (Polysilicon)
Tokuyama Corporation Japan 2,175 Polysilicon 2 (Polysilicon)
Topsil Semiconductor Denmark 84 Polysilicon
UKM Sintez Russia Polysilicon
USI Canada Polysilicon
Wacker Chemie Germany Polysilicon 35 (Polysilicon)
Wafer World United States Polysilicon
Woongjin Polysilicon Korea 70 Polysilicon 2 (Polysilicon)
Wuhan Dongli PV Electric China Polysilicon
Xiamen Hitechson Silicon China 20 Polysilicon
Xinshun China 300 Polysilicon
Yeyan New Material China Polysilicon 1 (Polysilicon)
Yichang CSG Polysilicon China Polysilicon
Youhen Silicon and Germanium China 25 Polysilicon
Zhongcai S. & T. China 1800 Polysilicon 1 (Polysilicon)
Zhongning Silicon China 500 Polysilicon
Zhongsheng Semiconductor China 100 Polysilicon

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