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Central street, High-tech Zone, Taiyuan, Shanxi
+86 351 2729069
+86 351 2729069
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Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Crystalline
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TN SOLAR was founded in 2006. Our company employs more than 120 senior engineers and professional technicians, those specialists are engaged in solar energy research and development.

TN SOLAR is a professional solar PV manufacturer, integrating research, development, manufacture and sales. Our group specializes in the production of monocrystal silicon, wafers, solar cells, solar modules/ panels, solar lighting systems, and solar power station series. The vertically integrated business model allows us to conduct strict quality control and inspection processes from incoming silicon material to finished modules products.

TN SOLAR panels got TUV certificate, CEC list , and our modules also meet Fire Safety Class for Australian market.
Our panels are 100% Electro-luminescence (EL) testing
TN SOLAR can supply 200MW monocrystalline wafers, 200MW solar cells and 200MW high quality PV modules
per year which have been exported to many countries, such as Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Holland, Germany, France, England, Africa and other worldwide countries.
We also provide OEM production for our customers.

Products (Advertising)

TN solar panels are 100% EL tested, with a zero defect guarantee to help you realise a sustainable return on investment. These solar panels have a high efficiency guaranteed throughout their lifetime and are cost effective to maximize your profit.

TN SOLAR panels have more elegant cell and module appearance,high salt mist and ammonia resistance and also excellant performance in low-light irradiance environment. It is certified to withstand high wind loads(2400 Pascal) and snow loads(5400 Pascal). This perfect module can reduce power loss caused by dust (soiling effect) for its perfect module self-cleaning capability.

TN SOLAR panels got TUV certificate ,CEC list , and our modules also meet Fire Safety Class for Australian market.



  • $0.500 / Wp
    TN Solar 235M-...
    235 ~ 255 Wp
  • $0.520 / Wp
    TN Solar 185M-...
    185 ~ 205 Wp
  • $0.500 / Wp
    TN Solar 210M-...
    210 ~ 260 Wp
  • $0.510 / Wp
    TN Solar 160M-...
    160 ~ 210 Wp
  • $0.500 / Wp
    TN Solar 285M-...
    285 ~ 305 Wp


  • $0.420 / Wp
    TN Solar 230P-...
    230 ~ 250 Wp
  • $0.450 / Wp
    TN Solar 270P-...
    270 ~ 290 Wp
  • $0.450 / Wp
    TN Solar 210P-...
    210 ~ 225 Wp
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