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Australian wholesalers and distributors of solar panels, components and complete PV kits. 229 sellers based in Australia are listed below.

Name Distributor/
Brands Carried Minimum Order Volume Products
Sunsource Group Wholesaler 5 Panel   Inverter  
SunTrix Wholesaler 5 Panel   Inverter  
Sunvalley Solar Wholesaler 5 Panel   Inverter  
Sunwatt Aust Distributor Wholesaler 1 Inverter  
Super Solar Wholesaler 0 PV Kit  
Supply Partners Wholesaler 13 Panel   Inverter   Mounting System  
Supreme Power Wholesaler 14 Panel   Inverter   PV Kit  
Sustainable Solar Services Wholesaler 0 1 $ PV Kit  
Switch2Solar Wholesaler 7 Panel   Inverter   PV Kit  
TAS Solar Clean Energy Wholesaler 8 Panel   Inverter   Mounting System   PV Kit  
TCK Solar Wholesaler 2 Panel   Inverter  
The 12Volt Shop Wholesaler 15 Panel   Inverter   Battery   Mounting System   Charge Controller  
The Energy Hub Distributor Wholesaler 18 Panel   Inverter   Battery   Charge Controller   PV Kit  
The Solar Importer Wholesaler 7 Panel   Inverter   Mounting System  
The SunWorks Solar Centre Distributor 16 Panel   Inverter   Battery   Mounting System   PV Kit  
True North Solar Distributor 2 Panel   Inverter  
TSIS Wholesaler 47 Panel   Inverter   Battery   Mounting System   Charge Controller   PV Kit  
Uni-Industries Wholesaler 0 PV Kit  
Victorian Solar Light Wholesaler 7 Panel   Inverter  
WA Solar Supplies Wholesaler 6 Inverter   PV Kit  
Wildy Airconditioning & Electrical Wholesaler 2 Panel   Inverter  
Win Solar Wholesaler 4 Panel   Inverter   Mounting System   PV Kit  
Windpower Wholesaler 6 Panel  
Xpert Energy Wholesaler 0 PV Kit  
YHI Power Distributor Wholesaler 3 Battery  
Your Solar Direct Wholesaler 9 Panel   Inverter   PV Kit  
Zeeco Systems Wholesaler 3 Panel   Inverter  
Zeus Appollo Solar Wholesaler 2 Inverter   Mounting System  
Zylux Energy Distributor 4 Battery   Charge Controller  

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