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Swiss wholesalers and distributors of solar panels, components and complete PV kits. 40 sellers based in Switzerland are listed below.

Name Distributor/
Brands Carried Minimum Order Volume Products
AMAX Energie Distributor 6 Panel   Inverter  
Aurora-Energie Wholesaler 8 Panel   Inverter   Mounting System  
Baur Distributor 4 Inverter   Equipment  
Bbsolar Distributor 1 Panel  
Conergy   Reviews Distributor Wholesaler 26 Panel   Inverter   Battery   Tracker   Mounting System   Charge Controller   Monitoring System   PV Kit  
Elektrobedarf Troller Wholesaler 7 Panel   Inverter   Battery   Charge Controller  
Fabrimex Distributor Wholesaler 3 Inverter   Battery   Charge Controller  
FankhauserSolar Distributor Wholesaler 18 Panel   Inverter   Battery   Mounting System  
Go Solar Wholesaler 13 Panel   Inverter   Charge Controller  
Hassler Wholesaler 1 Inverter  
Helvetic Energy Wholesaler 9 Panel   Inverter   Mounting System   Monitoring System  
HopSol Wholesaler 2 Panel  
HQ Energie Distributor 10 Panel   Inverter   PV Kit  
ILB Helios Wholesaler 3 Inverter  
IWS Solar Wholesaler 16 Panel   Inverter   Battery   Charge Controller  
Jaeggi Solartechnik Wholesaler 3 Panel   Battery   Charge Controller  
Jenni Energietechnik Distributor 1 Panel  
Megasol Energie Wholesaler 0 1 units PV Kit  
Neogard Distributor Wholesaler 2 Panel   Charge Controller  
Novagrid Distributor 1 Monitoring System  
Novis Energy Distributor 4 Panel   Inverter  
NP Energy Wholesaler 0 PV Kit  
PVT-Schweiz Wholesaler 14 Panel   Inverter   Mounting System  
Sat Solar International Wholesaler 10 Panel   Inverter   Monitoring System  
Schaer Energie Wholesaler 3 Panel   Inverter   PV Kit  
Simpex Electronic Wholesaler 1 Inverter  
Solacem Wholesaler 4 Panel   Inverter  
Solar Tec Wholesaler 0 PV Kit  
Solarblitz Wholesaler 20 Panel   Inverter   PV Kit  
Solarmarkt Wholesaler 8 Panel  
SolarOne Wholesaler 0 PV Kit  
Solexis Wholesaler 12 Panel   Inverter   Monitoring System   Equipment  
SoloSolar Wholesaler 6 Panel   Inverter  
Solstis Wholesaler 13 Panel   Inverter  
Solvatec Wholesaler 5 Panel   Inverter  
Soprogaz Wholesaler 0 PV Kit  
Star Unity Wholesaler 4 Panel   Inverter   PV Kit  
Sumatrix Wholesaler 6 Panel   Inverter   Battery   Charge Controller  
Tritec Wholesaler 15 Panel   Inverter   Mounting System   Monitoring System   PV Kit  
Winterhalter + Fenner Wholesaler 13 Panel   Inverter   Mounting System   Monitoring System  

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