The Green EXPO 2016
  The Green EXPO 2016

The Green EXPO 2016

Location Mexico City, Mexico
Phone +52 55 10871650
Start Date 26-Oct-2016 End Date 28-Oct-2016
Focus Renewable Energy International / National International
Participants Last Time Ticket Cost
Description Ⅰ. Introduction:

THE GREEN EXPO® is the leading Exhibition and Congress where solutions and new technologies presented by ecological and sustainable companies to the public and private sectors, who are looking for up to date products and services, thus creating a profitable sustainable industry. The technology and solutions presented by companies in the environmental, renewable energy, water and green housing are generating economic benefits and are setting the standards for the future in Mexico.

THE GREEN EXPO® is an excellent opportunity for you to meet the decision makers, not only from industry, but also academics, scientists and regulatorty officials. THE GREEN EXPO® is positioned as the environmental event for networking and doing business. Our Mexican and International exhibitors present their products and services to the thousands of visitors from all industries looking for ways to become more profitable while also doing business in a more sustainable way.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

● Energy saving
● Biofuels
● Biodiesel
● Biogas
● Biomass
● Environmental biotechnology
● Solar heaters
● Certiers
● Cogeneration
● Air compressors
● Sustainable construction
● Noise control and acoustic insulation
● Remediation and drainage maintenance
● Wind energy
● Geothermal energy
● Recycling, compression and trash shredding equipment
● Photovoltaic energy
● Integral handling for industrial wastes
● Hydraulic
● Engineering
● Maintenance
● Methanogenic
● Monitoring, analysis and measuring
● Treatment plants
● MDL projects
● Air purication
● Replenishment
● Recycling
● Reuse
● Restoration
● Soil amendment
● Electric transformers and
● substations

Ⅲ. Why Attend:

The GREEN Expo brings together leading environmental companies offering solutions and cutting edge technology for a sustainable green economy. This is a multinational business forum, hosting both national and international companies offering innovative solutions for all Industries. This results in increased protability and competitiveness in the Mexican industrial, corporate, and government sectors.

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