Asia Clean Energy Summit
  Asia Clean Energy Summit

Asia Clean Energy Summit

Location Singapore City, Singapore
Phone +65 6542 2220
Fax +65 6542 2250
Start Date 25-Oct-2016 End Date 26-Oct-2016
Focus Renewable Energy International / National International
Participants Last Time 800 Ticket Cost €852
Description Ⅰ. Introduction:

Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES) is South East Asia’s leading event focusing on clean energy technology, policy and finance supported by leading government agencies, research institutes and industry in Singapore. It provides a common platform for regional thought leaders in both the public and private sector to collaborate on critical issues and opportunities in harnessing clean energy for the future.

The PV Asia Scientific Conference is an international scientific-technical conference that is held annually in Singapore, in conjunction with the Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES). The conference provides an excellent platform for the world's PV experts and scientists to showcase and share the latest developments in solar energy technologies.

The RE Asia Conference brings together academics, researchers, professional engineers, government policy makers, and business professionals from the domains of Renewable Energy Integration, Offshore Renewable Energy; Micro-grids, Smart Grids & Energy Storage; and Grid Interactions of Electromobility.

Ⅱ. Event Highlights:

1. PV Asia Scientific Conference

★ Silicon Wafer Solar Cells and Modules
★ Thin Films (materials, cells, modules)
★ Novel PV Concepts
★ PV Module Quality Assurance
★ PV Systems & Smart Grid Technologies

2. Financial Summit

★ The PV Asia Financial Summit in Singapore returns this year as part of the Asian Clean Energy Summit. The event shall feature two new and exciting tracks that focus on the perspectives of PV project development and system ownership, as well as solar investment and financing. Expect to see a diverse mix of movers and shakers from the solar industry, as well as the finance and insurance sectors.

3. Solarising Singapore

Given Singapore's strategic location in the Asian Sunbelt and the high cost of electricity, there has been a growing interest in solar PV over the years. The announcement of the SolarNova programme by the government, with a proposed 350 MW installed on government buildings by 2020, has made Singapore an attractive market for both local and international solar companies and financial institutions. This session will provide a platform for adopters of solar to hear from the experts and understand not only the technology but also the new business model of solar leasing. Some of the pioneering companies will also be presented with awards for their early and innovative adoption of solar.

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