Renewable & Green Energy Exhibition and Conference Egypt 2016
  Renewable & Green Energy Exhibition and Conference Egypt 2016

Renewable & Green Energy Exhibition and Conference Egypt 2016

Location Cairo, Egypt
Phone +202 335 39456
Fax +202 335 39456
Start Date 01-Oct-2016 End Date 03-Oct-2016
Focus Renewable Energy International / National International
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Description Ⅰ. Introduction:

The Int'l Cairo Renewable & Green Energy Exhibition and Conference will stage at the CICC – Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. The event will be held on 1-3 October, 2016 alongside its co-located event Cairo Energy 2016. RETECH ENERGY EGYPT one of the events for both the Egyptians and international companies of renewable energy, green power wind power industry in terms of both its influence and size, is an annual event which attracts the key players in the renewable energy industry.

RETECH EGYPT has become an icon in the industry and the first choice for local and international companies, featuring the latest developments in products and technologies as well as facilitating in-depth discussions on the renewable industry's hot topics, RETECH EGYPT serves as an effective and efficient platform for governments, academics, developers, manufacturers and investors to network, exchange ideas, and find direction to ensure the healthy growth of renewable energy & green power.

RETECH ENERGY EGYPT exhibition has gone from strength to strength and this year includes more exhibitors than ever. Visitors will be able to find out about the very latest products and services on offer and meet face-to-face with suppliers. RETECH EGYPT expertise is well represented, but a wide variety of international exhibits will show what is on offer on a global form.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

● Renewable energy Technologies
● PV Factories
● Power & Automation Technology
● Environment consultant
● Central Air Conditioning
● Appropriate Technologies
● Power Generation
● Concentrating Solar Power
● Electrical &Electronic Tools
● Switching Equipment
● Cogeneration
● Renewable energy solutions
● Power Cables
● Computer Programs and Software’s
● Communication Cables
● Electrical Machines
● Control systems
● Grid Connected
● Vertical & Horizontal Wind Turbines
● Renewable Energy Services
● Heating & Cooling equipment
● Gas and oil companies.
● Building Management & Energy Systems
● Save energy systems
● Water treatment
● PV Stand alone systems.
● Geothermal
● Bio Energy
● Wave & Tidal
● Solar Thermal Systems.
● Micro Hydro Power
● Full Cells
● Alternative Fuels
● Energy Storage Systems
● Passive Solar Energy
● Solar Panels.
● Wind Power for home applications
● Biomass
● Monitoring
● Water Pumping & Desalination
● Transpiration
● Solar Cooking
● Industrial Application
● Solar Drying & Food Conservation
● Photovoltaic
● CHP Technology
● Biogas
● Tri-generation Technology
● Rural Sites
● Renewable energy in agricultural
● Marine energy
● Water Desalination.

Ⅲ. Conference Topics:

◆ Air Pollution and Climate Change
◆ Economics and payback of renewable power projects
◆ Energy and Environmental Policy, Energy Efficiency Technologies and Energy Management
◆ Marketing of green power
◆ Prospects for renewable power (technology provider perspectives)
◆ Solar Energy: Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Solar cooling
◆ Technology and markets: grid integration/ transmission issues for large amounts of renewables, local grid impacts of decentralized, small-scale renewables, energy storage technologies
◆ Using renewable heat/ cooling to reduce power peaks
◆ Wind Power - Small Hydro Power - Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
◆ Wind power (on and offshore) – turbine technologies, planning/ siting issues, installation, insurance, operation and maintenance, health and safety, power conditioning, innovations

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