Jordan Energy Conference
  Jordan Energy Conference

Jordan Energy Conference

Location Amman, Jordan
Phone +44 78 46486980
Start Date 20-Mar-2017 End Date 21-Mar-2017
Focus Renewable Energy International / National International
Participants Last Time Ticket Cost
Description Ⅰ. Introduction:

3rd annual Jordan Energy Conference will take place on 20-21 March 2017 at the Geneva Hotel in Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Over two days the expo and conference offers direct contact with top decision-makers in the country as well as first-had insight into the current situation within the energy sector in Jordan, future plans of the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Ministry of Planning, insight into direct investments into Jordanian energy sector and a thorough explanation of legal issues pertaining to the development of energy plants in Jordan.

Ⅱ. Conference topics:

● Development of energy projects in Jordan
● Jordanian governments support for energy industry
● Large scale solar build - options and challenges for Jordan
● Renewable energy in Jordan
● Nuclear energy in Jordan
● Water desalination for Jordan
● Energy storage for renewable energy industry
● Oil and gas industry in Jordan
● Project finance, insurance and risk management for energy industry
● Off-grid solar - openining vast market potential in Jordan

Ⅱ. Who Attend:

◆ Jordanian Government representatives
◆ Trade Missions and Embassies’ Representatives
◆ Energy market regulator
◆ Energy utilities and energy transmission companies
◆ EPCs and evelopers
◆ PV, solar-thermal, CSP systems producers
◆ Wind energy technology experts
◆ Investors, project finance and insurance providers
◆ Mining companies
◆ Oil and gas companies
◆ Telecommunication companies
◆ Housing administrators

Ⅲ. Why Attend:

★ A fully packed programme of high profile speakers
★ Excellent networking with the who's who of the Jordanian energy industry
★ Technology update in the exhibition area
★ Extensive finance advice on developing commercially profitable energy projects with case studies
★ Learn about Jordanian energy development and profitability
★ Hear from and meet in person over 100 top energy experts

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