Solar O&M and Asset Management MENA
  Solar O&M and Asset Management MENA

Solar O&M and Asset Management MENA

Location Amman, Jordan
Phone +971 4 3614001
Start Date 17-Oct-2016 End Date 18-Oct-2016
Focus Photovoltaic International / National National
Participants Last Time Ticket Cost
Description Ⅰ. Introduction:

Solar O&M and Asset Management MENA will provide the key industry platform to discuss and share best practice O&M and Asset Management strategies for MENA’s developing solar projects. The conference will gather key developers, EPC contractors, O&M providers and investors to discuss O&M strategies for long-term energy savings, increased energy yield and optimized asset performance.

With 300MW of utility solar projects nearing completion in Jordan, the conference will address the key solar O&M requirements for the financial close and the upcoming operational phase. 100+ government representatives, ministries, solar O&M providers, EPC contractors, asset owners and utility providers will gather to discuss best practice solutions to key industry challenges, such as contractual agreements, component failures, the effect of climate on energy yield and the development of maintenance strategies.

Solar O&M and Asset Management MENA will provide the opportunity to hear updates from key industry stakeholders across the MENA region on strategies for meeting the rising demands for solar energy, new projects and timelines as well as providing the ideal platform for networking and knowledge exchange.

Ⅱ. Conference Topics:

● O&M requirements for the financial close
● Developing cost -effective O&M contracts
● Developing in-house O&M and asset management capabilities
● Forecasting and modeling
● Failure analysis
● Strategies for developing a predictive and preemptive maintenance strategy
● On-grid versus off-grid O&M strategies
● Sourcing O&M capabilities

Ⅲ. Why Attend:

★ Network with leading solar asset owners, financiers, O&M providers and EPC contractors
★ Discuss the latest O&M and asset management strategies for improved asset optimization and performance ratios
★ Assess the benefits of long term versus short term O&M contracts
★ Understand how to design a cost -effective pre-emptive and predictive maintenance strategy using monitoring and forecasting tools

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