Energy Storage India (ESI)
  Energy Storage India (ESI)

Energy Storage India (ESI)

Location New Delhi, India
Phone +91 11 48550000
Start Date 03-Dec-2014 End Date 05-Dec-2014
Focus Renewable Energy International / National International
Exhibitors Last Time Times Held Before 1
Exhibition Visitors Last Time 306 M2 Cost Small Booth
Description Ⅰ. Introduction:

Energy Storage India (ESI) is the leading conference and expo addressing the need for energy storage and microgrid solutions in India. ESI will be the first energy storage conference and exhibition in India to focus exclusively on applications, customers and deal making. It is poised to provide a first-class networking event to drive energy storage market expansion in profitable applications – highlighting the synergies, inter-relationships and new business opportunities for transmission, distribution, customer-sited, microgrids/campuses and mobility (electric vehicle charging) applications

Ⅱ. Target Groups:

● Electricity Regulators and Policy makers
● Power Generation companies
● Independent Power producers
● Renewable Developers / manufacturers
● Wind & Solar
● Energy Trading companies
● Electric Distribution Companies
● Program managers of key Government / Industry initiatives
● Private Distribution Franchises / Licensees
● Transmission Companies
● Grid System Operators
● Domestic manufacturers
● Special Economic Zone developers
● City planners / Township developers
● System integrators
● Research Institutions & Universities
● Corporate R&D Teams
● Consulting & Services
● Trade Media
● Relevant industry associations

Ⅲ. Why Attend:

● Get insights into all relevant areas of energy storage: political scenarios, future energy supply, grid integration, thermal storage, batteries, global storage solutions, microgrids, home energy solutions and issues concerning the regulatory, financial and economical framework
● Meet the top decision makers from the energy storage industries, politics and research institutions
● Network - Energy Storage India provides the perfect platform to network during the conference, the accompanying trade fair and the exclusive networking dinner
● Discuss the important issues related to the different energy/energy storage related topics
● Hear international opinions and perspectives on our future energy system
● Listen to the key notes of global leaders of energy, economics and research
● Learn from the top players in the market as well as high-level research institutes on how your company can gain from the developments in the industry

Ⅳ. Conference Program:

1. Day One

● 10:00am - 12:00pm Workshop Session: Introduction to latest Energy Storage Technologies
● 01:00pm - 02:45pm Workshop Session: PV- Storage Integration
● 3:00 pm - 4:45 pm Workshop Session: Wind-Storage Integration

2. Day Two

● 9:30am - 9:40am Welcome Remarks
● 9:40 am - 10:00 am Special Keynote
● 10:00am - 10:45am Keynote Panel: Regulatory Framework
● 11:00am - 11:45am International Perspective on Energy Storage
● 11:45am - 12:30pm Panel Discussion: Market Based Opportunities
● 1:30pm - 02:15 pm Can states drive the deployment of advanced energy solutions?
● 02:15pm - 03:00pm Role of energy storage for renewable integration
● 03:00pm - 03:45pm Storage integration opportunities for off grid hybrid solutions with solar
● 04:00pm - 05:00pm Focus on wind & solar integration
● 05:00pm - 06:00pm Storage microgrids

3. Day Three

● 10:10am - 10:45am Smart cities / townships in India
● 11:15am - 11:45am Electric mobility, mass transport to personal e-vehicles
● 11:45am - 12:30pm Crossing the chasm: financing, credits and incentives for storage Projects
● 1:30 - 2:15 PM Utility Applications of energy storage
● 2:15pm - 03:00pm Providing industries with reliable power and power quality solutions
● 03:00pm - 03:45pm Telecom Sector Applications
● 04:00pm - 05:00pm Technology watch
● 05:00pm - 06:00pm Innovation Pitch Session
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