11th AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovative Technology Product Exhibition & Forum
  11th AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovative Technology Product Exhibition & Forum

11th AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovative Technology Product Exhibition & Forum

Location Shanghai, China
Phone +86 21 65929965
Fax +86 21 65282319
Start Date 25-Aug-2016 End Date 27-Aug-2016
Focus Photovoltaic International / National International
Exhibitors Last Time 2,000 Times Held Before 10
Exhibition Visitors Last Time 250,000 M2 Cost Small Booth €389
Description Ⅰ. Introduction:

With over a decade of experience on holding AsiaSolar PV conference, 500 governments and industrial principals, famous enterprises senior managers over the world have been successfully invited to the conference and given speeches and about 10,000 industrial experts from home and aboard have been attended to the conference. As for AsiaSola PV exhibition held at the same period, over 2,000 PV enterprises have been attracted to take part in the exhibition and nearly 250,000 audiences have visited it. Many essential medias such as CCTV, CBN, China Energy News, China Electric Power News, PVtech solarbe, IN-EN. Com, PV Ally.net, etc. have focused on reporting this pageant as well.

2016AsiaSolar will keep use innovation and cooperation as the theme, add more updated topics based on the successfully held 2015AsiaSolar. The conference will lasts 3 days as well. Major forum and top-class interview will be held in the first day. Topics in regard to configuration, inverter, energy storage, auxiliary material, system, power station construction, power station quality, investment and financing, internet big data, etc. will be discussed in the sub-forum respectively in the last two days.

We sincerely invite elites from PV industry over the world to concern and participate in the 11th AsiaSola PV Innovation& Cooperation Forum and Exhibition. .

AsiaSolar has been considered as one of the world famous solar energy PV industry exhibitions, which has made great contribution to the development of solar PV industry in China, Asia and even the world.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

● Solar Cell & Module:
Crystal silicon cell module, thin film cell module, concentrated PV etc.

● Manufacturing Equipment:
Manufacturing equipment for silicon rods, ingots and wafers; solar PV cell and module manufacturing equipments; thin film manufacturing equipments; cleaning equipments; diffusion facilities; etching equipments; plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipments; screen printing equipments; testing equipments; furnace equipments, etc.

● Raw Materials:
Silicon ore; silicon chips, wafers and ingots; glass encapsulation material; thin film encapsulation material; junction box; connector and other related raw materials.

● Related Components:
Accumulators; chargers; controllers; inverters; recording meters; monitors; mounting systems; tracking systems.

● Solar PV Products:
Solar PV street lamps, lawn lamps, garden lighting, lanterns, traffic signal lighting, traffic warning lights; solar PV information display screens; and solar PV products with various other applications.

● Solar PV Engineering Services:
Solar PV cells and modules installation, system integrators, solar PV system engineering, solar PV engineering design company, etc.

● Concentrating Solar Power System:
Groove type focusing system,tower-type and butterfly system,solar thermal-current power generation.

● Related equipment for Concentrating Solar Power:
Tracking system, concentrator technology and equipment, High temperature heat storage system, high temperature thermal-electric conversion technology, Heat-collecting pipe and the heat conducting medium.

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