RENEXPO® Poland 2016
  RENEXPO® Poland 2016

RENEXPO® Poland 2016

Location Warsaw, Poland
Phone +48 22 2660216
Fax +48 22 3797860
Start Date 19-Oct-2016 End Date 21-Oct-2016
Focus Renewable Energy International / National International
Exhibitors Last Time 110 Times Held Before 5
Exhibition Visitors Last Time 3,965 M2 Cost Small Booth
Description Ⅰ. Introduction:

The RENEXPO® (Renewable Energy Exposition) Poland is not only one of Poland's largest and most significant event on renewable energies, but also creates an energy platform in the country. The trade fair, becoming a tradition, as well as the conferences demonstrate how simple and ecologic the future energy generation, supply and usage can become.

RENEXPO® Poland is quite successful: 101 exhibitors (30% international), over 3.830 visitors and about 884 conference participants in 2014 showed very big interest in the Poland's Renewable Energy Platform.

Since 2011 the RENEXPO® Poland creates in Warsaw the meeting point for key persons and experts for knowledge transfer in the energy sector. The event focuses on some of the main renewable energy sources of the country: photovoltaic, biogas, hydropower, heat pumps, biofuels and wood energy. It is not only a meeting place for decision makers presenting the current energy issues, but much more it addresses to the topics, problems and developments of the energy of tomorrow.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

● Bioenergy
● Wind Energy
● Cogeneration
● Energy Efficient Construction and Renovation
● Hydropower
● Heat Pump
● Geothermal Energy
● Solar Energy
● other

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