The 6th International Lightech Fair
  The 6th International Lightech Fair

The 6th International Lightech Fair

Location Istanbul, Turkey
Phone +90 212 2246878
Fax +90 212 2248558
Start Date 14-Mar-2013 End Date 17-Mar-2013
Focus Renewable Energy International / National International
Exhibitors Last Time 15,518 Times Held Before 5
Exhibition Visitors Last Time M2 Cost Small Booth
Description Ⅰ. Introduction:

Istanbul, a key point in geography, focal point of the interests of International powers, capital of empires, the only city in the world that belongs to two continents Europe and Asia...

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and fourth largest city proper in the world with a population of 17 million, also making it the second largest metropolitan area in Europe by population, and the largest metropolitan city proper.Apart from being the largest city and former political capital of the country, Istanbul has always been the centre of Turkey's economic life because of its location as a junction of international land and sea trade routes.

Istanbul is also Turkey's largest industrial centre. It employs approximately 20% of Turkey's industrial labour and contributes 38% of Turkey's industrial workspace.

At a unique point where Europe and Asia meets, Istanbul is one of the leading destinations for fairs,meetings and business tourism due to its historical, natural, and cultural treasures and also modern infrastructure, transportation and accommodation facilities.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

1. Lighting Technologies

① Lighting Fittings, Chandelier and Lighting Systems
② Lighting Systems

2. Electricity & Installation Technologies

① Electricity & Installation Materials

3. Power Technologies

● Energy production- conduction- distribution materials
● Electric motors
● Generators
● Power sources
● Alternative energy
● Solar-wind energy
● Electric energy automation
● Transformers
● Switchgears

4. LED Technologies

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