ICCE 2016: 5th International Conference & Exhibition on Clean Energy
  ICCE 2016: 5th International Conference & Exhibition on Clean Energy

ICCE 2016: 5th International Conference & Exhibition on Clean Energy

Location Montreal, Canada
Phone +1 613 8301760
Start Date 22-Aug-2016 End Date 24-Aug-2016
Focus Renewable Energy International / National International
Exhibitors Last Time Times Held Before 4
Exhibition Visitors Last Time M2 Cost Small Booth
Description Ⅰ. Introduction:

ICCE2016 commitee cordially invite all the participants interested in sharing their knowledge and research in the area of clean & renewable energy to submit their abstract and attend the ICCE2016. ICCE 2016 provides a platform for researchers and scientists to share their research work while the participants from industry can promote their products . This is an excellent opportunity for the delegates from universities and institutes to interact with the their colleagues.

ICCE2016 takes place in Montreal, Canada. Montreal is the first North American city to have been designated UNESCO City of Design by the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity in 2006 . ICCE 2016 is an opportunity to network with some of the world’s leading scientists, and to experience the vibrant culture and to explore the natural wonders and beauty of Montreal.

Ⅱ. Exhibitor Profile:

Manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and Universities and research centers in the following areas:

◆ Clean Manufacturing
◆ Clean Energy
◆ Information & Communications Technology for green/cleantech
◆ Water & Waste Management
◆ Eco-Friendly Products & Technology
◆ Green Building & Transportation

Ⅲ. Why Exhibit?

★ Meet face to face with the buyers. Nothing beats face-to-face business where the buyers come to you.
★ Achieve more in two days of the exhibition than your sales team could in months.
★ Expand your market share and form strategic partnership with agents, investors and retailers.
★ Launch New Products.

Ⅳ. Confence Topics:

● Biomass/ Biofuel energy,materials and technologies
● Hydro energy, materials and technologies
● Wind energy resources and technologies
● Solar cells energy, materials and technologies
● Fuel cells materials and hydrogen energy
● Battery materials and technologies
● Energy storage techniques
● Nanotechnology and energy
● Green buildings
● Energy process and system simulation, modelling and optimization
● Advanced power generation, transmission and automation
● Distributed energy systems
● Energy efficiency improvement
● Thermodynamic and energy optimization
● Energy education
● Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
● Economic aspects of energy
● Clean Energy Market and Finance

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