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Filmcutter Advanced Material SpA
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Layers: Primer / PET / Primer
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Filmback MLP is the most innovative and performing PET based backsheet available on the market; a monolayer high grade PET film ensures optimal protection, insulation, and robustness of the modules.

Product Characteristics

Product Characteristics  
Outer(Air)Layer Primer
Mid Layer 1 PET
Inner(Cell)Layer Primer
Weight 385 g/m2
Outer(Air)Layer Colour White
Inner(Cell)Layer Colour White
Stability Characteristics  
Tensile Strength (Length/MD) 200 Mpa
Tensile Strength (Width/TD) 190 Mpa
Elongation (Length/MD) 110 %
Elongation (Width/TD) 100 %
Interlayer Peel Strength ≥5 N/cm
Peel Strength (EVA-Backsheet) ≥40 N/cm
Thermal Shrinkage (Length/MD) ≤1 %
Thermal Shrinkage (Width/TD) ≤0.5 %
Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate(MVTR) ≤1.3 g/m2per day
Optical & Thermal Characteristics  
Partial Discharge Voltage ≥1500 VDC
Breakdown Voltage ≥20 kV

About Filmcutter

Born in 2008, Filmcutter has obtained a remarkable development in the field of PET based backsheet. On March 12th 2015, Jolywood, the Chinese leading fluoropolymer backsheet manufacturer, completed a formal acquisition of the 100% PV business of Filmcutter. The two companies complement each other in various fields including equipment, process, technology and market, realizing a good result in terms of synergy: one plus one is more than two. 

With unique high- technology equipments and consequently our special production, Filmcutter owns annual capacity equivalent of 3GW currently. Based on the deep understanding of the important characteristics and defects of solar backsheet, the company has developed and launched a high-performance monolayer PET backsheet-MLP, which obtained TUV, UL and JET certifications as well as wide recognition of the market very soon. Filmback MLP represents a new generation of backsheet and it is the ultimate innovative solution in terms of performance and cost reduction.

Filmcutter Advanced Material SpA

Via Giulio Natta, 10 - 36075 Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza
No. Staff: 30
Parent Company: Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co., Ltd.
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