Shenzhen Must Power Limited
Type: Off-grid
Power Range: 2~3 kW
Region: China China
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Alternative Product

  • TYPE: On-grid
  • Product Warranty: 12 Years
  • Protection Class: IP65
  • Dimension: 540x315x260 mm
  • Weight: 33.2 kg
  • Max. DC Power: 20.25 kW
  • Max. DC Voltage: 900 V
  • Max. DC Current: 22 A
  • MPP(T) Voltage Range: --
  • No of MPP Trackers: --
  • Max. AC Power: 15 kW
  • Frequency: 50,60 Hz
  • Max. Efficiency: 98 %
  • Euro Efficiency: --
  • Feed-in Phases: 3

Product Characteristics

Model No.
PV18-2K 24V PV18-2K 48V PV18-3K 24V PV18-3K 48V
Output Data (AC)  
Max. AC Power
2 kW 2 kW 3 kW 3 kW
Output AC Voltage Range
104.8~241.5 V 104.8~241.5 V 219~241.5 V 219~241.5 V
Nominal AC Voltage
110, 120, 230 V 110, 120, 230 V 230 V 230 V
50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz
Max. Efficiency
93 % 93 % 93 % 93 %
General Data  
Dimensions (H/W/D) 
528x295x141 mm 528x295x141 mm 528x295x141 mm 528x295x141 mm
12.5 kg 12.5 kg 13.5 kg 13.5 kg
Operating Temperature -0 ~ +55 ℃
Transformer High Frequency-Transformer
Humidity 5-95 %
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Shenzhen Must Power Limited

Building A11, Yusheng Industrial Park, Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
No. Staff: 300
Parent Company: MUST GROUP
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Shenzhen Must Power Limited established in 1998, which is a professional Hi-Tech enterprise specialized in Power Inverter, Solar Power, VRLA Battery development, manufacturing, sales and after-service.

Must Company have approved by ISO9001 standard, all products from applied with CE, FCC certificates. The main markets are Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, India, etc. Must Power Limited is one of the authorized suppliers for China Citic Bank, Ministry of Information Industry of China, Ministry of Power Industry of China, Ministry of Transportations of China.

With an excellent R & D team formed by over 30 engineers and a skilled, dedicated workforce, together 10,000 square meter in-house manufacturing facilities in Guangdong China, Shenzhen Mustups has innovated, developed and improved the products to meet the demands of customers and keep pace with changing demands of the industries. With ‘close to customer’ notion, we have aligned most of its resources to support our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers, and work with our customers as power partners. Our mission is to be the best supplier of power solutions, and to accomplish this, we will continue to tailor products for market needs while maintaining high quality, integrated customer service and prompt delivery.

Useful Contacts

Contact Face
Must Solar International Sales Manager

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