Neosun Energy
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Type: On-grid, Off-grid
Power Range: 0.8~4 kW
Region: Hong Kong Hong Kong
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This multi-functional high frequency Hybrid Solar Inverter is combining functions of inverter and MPPT solar charge controller to offer uninterruptible power support in a portable size. It is also suitable for parallel operation together with its modular design and a total system capacity of up to 24kW.

Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-access button operation.

Product Characteristics

Model No.
0.8 KW 1.6 KW 2.4 KW 3.2 KW 4 KW
$233 / Unit $246 / Unit $441 / Unit $461 / Unit
Input Data(DC)  
Max. DC Voltage
280 V 280 V 280 V 280 V 280 V
Nominal DC Voltage
230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V
Min. DC Voltage to Start Feed In
170 V 170 V 170 V 170 V 170 V
MPP Voltage Range
30~66 V 30~66 V 30~66 V 60~115 V 60~115 V
Output Data (AC)  
Max. AC Power
0.8 kW 1.6 kW 2.4 kW 3.2 kW 4 kW
Output AC Voltage Range
218.5~241.5 V 218.5~241.5 V 218.5~241.5 V 218.5~241.5 V 218.5~241.5 V
Nominal AC Voltage
230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V
50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz
Max. Efficiency
90 % 93 % 93 % 93 % 93 %
General Data  
Dimensions (H/W/D) 
272x372x131 mm 272x372x131 mm 272x372x131 mm 295x528x141 mm 295x528x141 mm
7.4 kg 7.6 kg 8 kg 12.5 kg 13.5 kg
Operating Temperature -0 ~ +55 ℃
Transformer High Frequency-Transformer
Humidity 5-95 %
Interface RS 232
Display LCD
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Neosun Energy

15/F, Easey Commercial Building, 253-261 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai
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About Us
NEOSUN Energy is a global renewable energy company focused on a manufacture and supply of solar panels and related components around the world. The essential part of the company’s specialization is the development and installation of innovative solar energy projects for commercial and government use as well as research in renewable energy sphere.

Our goal is to make electricity and light available in any corner of the world, to change and improve lives by bringing energy, connectivity and water to people and communities in off-grid and remote areas.
NEOSUN Energy for a clean future of our planet.

Our Technology
Working in cooperation with international research centers, the R&D team of NEOSUN Energy has developed innovative products to make renewable energy cost equal to or even lower than most traditional power generation methods.

Our production lines are fully automated and coming along with multistage quality control. We pay a great deal of attention to every single detail from the careful selection of component suppliers to high level of staff qualification.

Solar power stations from NEOSUN Energy allow you to gain independence and run your business in any location even if it is distant from central power grid. We provide commercial turnkey solutions for factories, farms or even cottage settlements thereby giving the opportunity to build the plant or farm anywhere you need without power lines and electricity bills.

As of today NEOSUN Energy successfully supplies solar panels and implements a range of solar energy projects worldwide where main markets are Africa and the Middle East. You can easily reach us by contacting one of our offices in Russia, China or Hong Kong.

Useful Contacts

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Ilya Likhov

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