Jua Energy Limited

Jua Energy Limited

A2 Building, Tangkeng Industrial, Pingshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong
+86 136 70252596
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Bryan Diretor

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Larger Home Power Systems, Portable Panel Power Unit, Mobile Phone Charger, Suitcase Power Unit, Small General Purpose Battery Charger, Torch, Lanterns, Table Lamps, Battery Charger Integrated into Backpack, Universal Standard Batteries Charger, Portable Folding (or Roll) Power Unit, Flood Lights, Garden Lights (Medium Height), Street Lights, Wall Lights, Radio/Headphones, PC Keyboard, Personal Media Players, Blue Tooth Earpiece, Radio

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Jua Energy is one of the key player in the off grid energy area,We focusing on the design, manufacture solar lighting and home energy system, as well as build the commercial solar micro grid, street light solution.
We are the member of GOGLA (Golabal off-grid Association) and LG ( Lighting Global Program), our products are strictly qualified by the IEC and Lighting Global standard.

Company Updates

10 Dec 2016

JUA L1 solar lantern and home lighting systems meets the Lighting Global’s Quality Standards. --Lighting Global Business Development Services and support from Lighting Global Quality Assurance.

2 Dec 2016

Jua is focusing on solar lighting, home energy system ,street light .Also offering the technologies transfer solution to support manufacture locally. GOGLA member, all products are qualified by Lighting Global

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