Solar Insect Killer (eg Mosquito Killer) Manufacturers

Those Insect Killer (eg Mosquito Killer) manufacturers that integrate solar cells into their products. 75 Insect Killer (eg Mosquito Killer) manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name     Region No. Staff
Anhui Longvolt Energy China
Baoding Guangpu Optoelectronic China
Beijing Link Photovoltaic China
Beijing Tianzhu Solar Energy Technology China
Bohong Solar China 101
Bright & Universal Technology China
Chengnai Energy China 500
Chicon China 150
Chongqin Gosun Solar Energy China
Chongqing Hiten Optoelectronic China
Cixi Dongguan Lighting and Molding Factory China
Cixi Jinri Electronic Technology China
Cixi Landsign Electric China
Cnsolarwind China 110-120
Dongfangtianhao China
Dosun Electronics China 500
E.S.D China
Frontway Enterprise China
Fu-Ri Solar Energy China 126
Fuda Electrical China 80
Fuwaysun Technology China
GreatHouse Electronics China
GreatSolar PV China 20-50
Greeno China
Guangsheng PV Technology China
Guangzhou Sanwin Photovoltaic Technology China
Guolv Solar China 156
Haikuo Traffic Equipment China
HEET China
Hefei Hongxiang Photovoltaic Technology China
Huangshi Dongbei New Energy China 500
Hunan Jiacheng Renewable Energy China
Innovative Lighting China 35
Jadhav Powertech India
Jiaxing Winbright New Energy China 100
Kesheng Machinery & Electrics China
Kingday China
Leef Solar China 40
MUST Lebanon
Nanning Sanhua Solar Technology China
Ningbo Hongtian Electrical Appliance China
Sandrosolar China
Sensotec Italy
ShanDong ChiPing Spark Electrical Equipment China 40
ShanDong Jieyang China
Shanghai Senteco New Energy Technology China 100
Shaoxing Holt New Energy China
Shenzhen Connate China
Shenzhen Erdeli Energy Technology China
Shenzhen Eshine Technology China
Shenzhen New Yingli Solar China
Shenzhen South Sunlight Solar Technology China
Shenzhen Xin An Energy China
Shinesing China 15
Sichuan Taiyi New Energy Development China
Sinoltech China 100
Sky Resources Solar China
Skysun Solar Energy China
Snevo Solarpower China 30
Soundsest China
Sun Green Energy Technology China
Sunflower China
Sunshine Electronics China 260
Teluda Electronics China
Tempolane Science & Technology China
Tianyang New Energy China
Tibet Kincaid Energy China
V2 Solar Technologies India
Yuanye Electric Apparatus China
Yunnan Jucheng New Energy Technology China
Zenior China
Zhejiang Coursertech China 100
Zhongshan Nande Solar Lighting China
Zhuhai Beeland Solar Tech. China