Solar Portable Folding (or Roll) Power Unit Manufacturers

Those Portable Folding (or Roll) Power Unit manufacturers that integrate solar cells into their products. 127 Portable Folding (or Roll) Power Unit manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. Staff
Sungold SolarChina150
Company Name     Region No. Staff
2C Light Company New Zealand
ACOPower United States 25
Allpowers China
Alphazee Systems India
Anker Technology United States
Aomeisen China
Atone New Energy China 110
Bardon New Energy Technology China
Billion Power China
Billion Power China
Bluetech Solar China 60
Bright & Universal Technology China
CFW New Energy China
Changzhou UPE Power Equipment China
China Jiangsu Hengxuan Solar China 100
CHL China 200
Clean & Green Technology Taiwan
Cnsolarwind China 110-120
CTSolar United States
DaSol Solar China 100
Dell Solar China 50
Digimax Innovative Products Taiwan
E-Able Power China
Earthtech Products United States
Eceen Electronic China
Eco Miracle China 205
Ever Bright Taiwan 15
Ever Step Development Hong Kong 650
Flexopower Energies South Africa
Fortune-wide Solar China 100
Ganghang Solar China 25(300)
GGX Energy China
Global Solar Energy United States
Glorysolar China
Goal Zero United States
Guangdong Solarstock New Energy Technology China
Hangzhou Sunergy Technology China
Hengxin Solar-Energy China 150
Hi-Tech Wealth China
Hienergy Industry China
HierQ Hong Kong
Huaxu Energy Technology China
HYTC Korea
IBS Intelligent Battery System Switzerland
JGN Solar China 300
Jiangmen Guangmin Solar Energy Science and Technology China 150
Jua Energy China 156
Judeli Energy Science and Technology China
Kalisaya Ventures United States
Kaliton China
Kirloskar Integrated Tech India
Kootatu Tech Taiwan
Kussmaul Electronics United States
Link Solar China 100
Macsun Solar China
Makesen China
MegaSolar China
Meige China
Modül Solar Turkey
NESL Solar-tech China 220
Ningbo Evergreens Technology China
Ningbo Haishu Ruixinli Automatic Meter China
Ningbo Saihua New Energy Technology China
Ningbo Sunboy New Energy China
Ningbo Xinrong New Energy Technology China
NPP Kvant Russia
Ocean Solar Technology China
P3Solar United States
Pelican Solar & New Energy India
Poweradd United States
PowerFilm United States
POWERplus Netherlands
Pvled Technology China
Qihong (Shanghai) New Energy Technology China
Qingdao Conet Technolohies China
Rainbow Industrial (HK) International China
Renogy China 300
Rich Solar China 300
Risen Energy China 3,200
RITEK Taiwan 6000
Sandrosolar China
SFD Solar China 50
Shanghai Eco-Energy China
Shanghai Senteco New Energy Technology China 100
Shaoxing Holt New Energy China
Shenghuo Electronics China 70
Shenzhen BSV Solar Energy China 50
ShenZhen Full-Sunshine Electronic China
Shenzhen LEMI China
Shenzhen Longxing Industrial China
Shenzhen New Energy Technology China 300
Shenzhen Ningzexin Solar Electricity Technology China 300
Shenzhen Portable Electronic China 50
Shenzhen Taihesheng Solar Energy China 50
ShenZhen WeiQiang Lighting Electric China 80
Sinoltech China 100
Skysun Solar Energy China
Solar Camp United States
Solarsunlink Hong Kong