Solar Trade Platform and Directory of Solar Companies

Solar Portable Folding (or Roll) Power Unit Manufacturers

Those Portable Folding (or Roll) Power Unit manufacturers that integrate solar cells into their products. 198 Portable Folding (or Roll) Power Unit manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name     Region No. Staff
Abotree Solar China
ACOPower United States 25
Allpowers China
Alphazee Systems India
Ananya Solar Technologies India
Anker Technology United States
Aomeisen China
Ark Australia
Aten Photovoltaic China
Atone New Energy China 110
Aukey China
Baijian Solar Energy Technology China
Bardon New Energy Technology China
Beijing Feiyashi Technology China
Biard United Kingdom
Boss Watt United States
Bright Solar China
BS Solar Tech China 100
Bushnell United States
Chicon China 350
Chief Industrial and Trade China
Clean & Green Technology Taiwan
Cnsolarwind China
CTSolar United States
DaSol Solar China 100
Digimax Innovative Products Taiwan
Dynamique Electronics India
E-Able Power China
Earthtech Products United States
Eceen Electronic China
Eco Miracle China 250
EEZ RV United States
Elegeek China
Energizer United States
Energy Technologies United States
Ever Bright Taiwan 15
Ever Step Development Hong Kong 650
Eyongpv China
Flexopower Energies South Africa
Foresight China
Fortunes Solar China 200
Fuda Solar China
Future Technologies India
GGX Energy China
Goal Zero United States
Greenbar China 50
Hanergy China
Hann Solar China
Hardened Power Systems United States
Heli United States
Hengxin Solar-Energy China 150
Hienergy Industry China
Huaxu Energy Technology China
Hwawin China
HYTC Korea
IBS Intelligent Battery System Switzerland
Irun Power China
Jackery United States
JHC Tech China
Jiangmen Guangmin Solar Energy Science and Technology China 150
Jinhom Solar China
JXY Solar China
Kalisaya Ventures United States
Kaliton China
KickAss Australia
Kirloskar Integrated Tech India
Komaes Solar Technology China 300
Kootatu Tech Taiwan
Korr Lighting Australia
Kussmaul Electronics United States
Kvazar Ukraine
Lensun China
Letsolar China
Liaoning Yi.Solar Energy Technology China
Lightway Solar China 550
Link Solar China 50
Lion Energy United States
LongSun Solar China 100
Lonsem Solar China
Loyal Lighting & Meter China 300
Macsun Solar China
Maddox Defense United States
Maverick Industries United States
MegaSolar China
Meige China
Meizhi China
Melin Sunergy China
MiaSolé United States
Montek Solar China
Morningsun Solar China
Nabell Japan
Nature Power Products United States
NekTeck United States
Newlight Energy China
Ningbo Haishu Ruixinli Automatic Meter China
Ningbo Nesol Energy China
Ningbo Saihua New Energy Technology China
Ningbo Victor Solar Technology China
Ningbo Xinrong New Energy Technology China
Ninghai Songyang Energy Technology China 20