Solar Yard Lights (over 2m Height) Manufacturers

Those Yard Lights (over 2m Height) manufacturers that integrate solar cells into their products. 237 Yard Lights (over 2m Height) manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name     Region No. Staff
Abo Solar China 100
ACOPower United States 25
AeroGloss Electronic Technology China
Aiduo Group China
All Weather Solar China 200
Allesun New Energy Vietnam 108
ANewPow Taiwan
Aroma Solar India 45
Baoding Diangu Technology China
Baoding Guangpu Optoelectronic China
Baoxin Century Street Light China
Beier Lighting China
Beijing Jike New Energy China 22
Beijing Jingyi Renewable Energy Engineering China
Beijing Link Photovoltaic China
Beijing Tianzhu Solar Energy Technology China
Bohong Solar China 101
Cesun China 150
Chengnai Energy China 500
Chicon China 150
Chinalight Solar China 450
CHL China 200
Chongqin Gosun Solar Energy China
Chongqing Hiten Optoelectronic China
Cixi Caiyue Photovoltaic Technology China
Cleanglobe Turkey 5
Cnsolarwind China 110-120
Corporation XXII Russia 20
Dalian New Extension Energy Engineering China
Dalian Shungji Technology China 100
Dezhou Runao New Energy Technology Co. China
Difly Technology China 88
Dongfangtianhao China
Double Wise Digital China 115
E.S.D China
ecoliGhts Austria
EGE China
Emperyland New Energy Technology China
Enolar Systems Marketing India
Euro Multivision India
Even Photo-electronic China
Foshan Dejiu Solar New Energy China 51
Fuda Electrical China 80
Fujian Better New Energy China
Gaoyou Lamp China
Gaoyou Qinglang Lighting Electrical Factory China
Gathersun Electrnic China 500
Gehai New Energy China 25
Generpower (Shanghai) China
GES Group Solar China
Glorysolar China
Golden Solar China
Greenshine New Energy United States
Guangsheng PV Technology China
Guangzhou 3HZ Solar China
Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology China
Guoli Education China
Hamshine Electronics & Energy Systems India
HangZhou Eedel Lighting China
Haorixin Tech China
HDX Energy China
He'nan Huashun Sunshine New Energy China
Hebei Mutian Solar Energy China
HEET China
Hefei Chuanggao China
Hefei Hongxiang Photovoltaic Technology China
Henan Energy Research Institute China
HengFeng Solar China 68
Hengtong Lighting China 300
Himin Clean Enegy China 1,000
Hinergy China 200
Hitechled China
Hongkong Green Numen Electronics China
Hongze Photoelectrial China 126
Hope Solar China 160
Hua Bo Tech China 1500
Huangshi Dongbei New Energy China 500
HuaYu New Energy China
Huayuan New Energy China
Hubei Huawu Solar Energy Technology China
Huizhou Degang Solar Power China 50
Hunan Huaneng Optoelectronics China
Ibest Power Industry China
Interplex Electronic China
Jaejin Lighting Korea
Jaje Solar China 198
Jaste Solar China
JGPV China 76
Ji Nan Jia Zhou Optoelectronics Technology China
Jiangmen Guangmin Solar Energy Science and Technology China 150
Jiangsu Baode Lighting Equipment China
Jiangsu Kehua Optoelectronics China 500
Jiangsu Smile Optoelectronics Technology China
Jiangsu Sokoyo Solar Lighting China 388
Jiangsu Tianhong Lighting Appliance China
Jiaxing Feiya New Energy China
Jiaxing Xuri Solar Technology China 55
Jiaxing Zhongdian China
JJ Solar India