Extrusun S.L.

Extrusun S.L.

Parque Empresarial, INBISA-Villafria, Naves 4 y 5, N-I, Km 245, 09190 Burgos
+34 947 233082
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Component Types
Mounting System
Mounting System
Ground, On-roof


Mounting Systems

  • Extrusun Groun...
    Ground Mount
  • Extrusun Basic...
    Flat Roof
  • Extrusun Integ...
  • Triangular Str...
    Flat Roof
  • Reduced Triang...
    Pitched Roof


Gross fixed structure aluminum with good value for the money. Good product, simplicity and reliability for the installation. Good personal treatment for personalized studies.

-- Asurmendi Sistemas de Energía S.L.

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