Ingeteam Power Technology Energy SA

Ingeteam Power Technology Energy SA

Avda. Ciudad de la Innovación, 13, 31621 Sarriguren (Navarra)
+34 94 8288000
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On-grid, Off-grid
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Inverter 25 Sellers



  • PowerMax M 300
    382.4~764.9 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax M 320
    407.9~815.9 kW On-Grid
  • 1Play TL M Series
    2.5~6 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax M 345
    439.8~879.6 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax M 360
    458.9~917.8 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax M 400
    509.9~1019.8 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax X 345
    439.8~879.6 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax X 320
    407.9~815.9 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax X 300
    382.4~764.9 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax X 360
    660~880 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax X 400
    765~1020 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax X 420
    803.1~1070.8 kW On-Grid
  • 3Play TL M Series
    10~40 kW On-Grid
  • 3Play TL Serie...
    90~110 kW On-Grid
  • 3Play TL Series
    10~33 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax B Series
    1052~1473 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax U B S...
    560.9~1070.8 kW On-Grid
  • 3Play TL U M S...
    40 kW On-Grid
  • PowerMax U B S...
    1052~1473 kW On-Grid
  • 1Play
    3~6 kW Off-Grid
  • PowerMax B Ser...
    771.6~1473 kW Off-Grid
  • PowerMax B Ser...
    765~1020 kW Off-Grid
  • PowerMax U B S...
    765~1020 kW Off-Grid
  • PowerMax U B S...
    714.5~1364 kW Off-Grid
  • PowerMax M 420
    535.4~1070.8 kW On-Grid


Excellent reliability and long run performance. Very few breakdowns and good after sales service. Reliable and quick service for repairs.

-- Asurmendi Sistemas de Energía S.L.

Excellent quality inverters. They are suitable to use in Spanish installations because of the proximity of the technical service. They have very reliable products with a good customer service.

-- Blaen C. M., S.L.

In our opinion it is one of the best international brands. After sales service of good quality, they have always been very efficient at solving every problem that we have had.

-- , SEA S.L.L. Soluciones Energéticas Alternativas

They are the most used for us. We specially appreciate the robustness of their products. The technical service is very good.

-- Igoan Solar S.L.

They are one of the most used for us when we use central inverters. They offer us good quality parameters for the price and they also have good connections.

-- , Norsol Energia Solar

They are inverters of very high quality. They are very reliable and we also like them for the proximity of their technical service.

-- , Lansolar Ingenieros

They have a very well-resolved monitoring facility. These allow investors enough peak power. The technical service is also pretty good.

-- , Calidad de Ambiente S.L.

We like the technical service that they have. Among the inverters that we have installed they are the ones that have had less breakdowns and when we had a problem they sent us a replacement to solve it.

-- , MB Solar

We really like the good value for the money that they offer. We like the proximity of its technical service, it is very useful for us.

-- L·SOL S.L.

We use this brand of inverters in our installations because it is easy to install and its performance is really good. It is a quality and highly recommendable product.

-- Itaieb Energias Renovables S.L.

We specially like these inverters because they have a high performance, achieving values of up to 98.5% in some of their models. They are easy to install and work well in conditions of low irradiance.

-- SOLnet 2000

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