SuZhou ShareSun Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 30, Wendu Road, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu
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Region: China Phone: 0086-512-68027317 E-mail:
Address: 江苏省苏州市相城区望亭镇问渡路30号
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Component Types
Mounting System, Solar System
Mounting System
Type: Ground, On-roof, BIPV, Carport Mount
Solar System
Category: On-Grid, Off-Grid, Standalone
System Type: Ground Mount, Carport Mount, Pitched Roof, Flat Roof, BIPV
Company Description
SuZhou ShareSun Photovoltaic Technology Corporation was established in Sep,2013, and located in SuZhou City, JiangSu province, China.ShareSun is a professional corporation for solar mounting design, manufacture and marketing. At present, We has possessed 22 product patents, 18 product series and 100 MW project achievements. ShareSun focus on customer’s demand and 2019 could supply all kinds of stable and reliable custom solutions.

Especially for the soft mounting, we have obtained 10 patents.

Innovation and integrity is our operation principle. Our commission is to supply rational low price solution for green energy in the world.


To be international enterprise with respectable, trustable and well konwn


Customer are soul of enterprise


Constantly hard strive, constantly self criticism

Benefit for Our Clients

• Maximizing land use

• Minimizing the number of piling

• Snap-on installation to reduce installation labor costs 2019

• Strong triangular structure ensures solar modules safety

• Suitable for all kinds of complex terrain, hillside, sewage treatment plant, farmland and fish pond etc.

• High quality product with rational low price

• Simple manual to understand and follow

• If necessary, project site visit and installation guild

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Mounting Systems

  • 0.056 / Wp
  • 0.171 / Wp
    Farmland solar...
    Ground Mount
  • 0.0193 / Wp
    Metal Roof Mou...
    Pitched Roof
  • 0.285 / Wp
    Waterproof Frame
  • 0.112 / Wp
    Solar Carport
    Carport Mount
  • 0.0428 / Wp
    Simplified Tri...
    Flat Roof
  • 0.0392 / Wp
    The East-West ...
    Flat Roof
  • 0.0302 / Wp
    Flat Roof Stee...
    Flat Roof
  • 0.0448 / Wp
    Flat Roof Trip...
    Flat Roof
  • 0.171 / Wp
    Fish Pond Sola...
    Ground Mount
  • 0.285 / Wp
    The Solar Gree...
    Ground Mount
  • 0.171 / Wp
    Mountainous ar...
    Ground Mount
  • 0.120 / Wp
    High-tower Sol...
    Ground Mount
  • 0.171 / Wp
    Farmland Bracket
    Ground Mount
  • 0.101 / Wp
    Ground W Mounting
    Ground Mount
  • 0.112 / Wp
    Single Pole St...
    Ground Mount
  • 0.129 / Wp
    Sewage treatme...
    Ground Mount
  • 0.0336 / Wp
    Glazed Tiled R...
    Pitched Roof
  • 0.0358 / Wp
    Metal Roof Ang...
    Pitched Roof
Last Update: 17 Mar 2020