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SunWize Power & Battery

1337 Main Street, Philomath, OR 97370
+1 866 8276527
+1 541 9298377
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David Eveland President
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Aerel Rankin Manager

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Mounting System, Battery Enclosure, Solar System
Solar System
On-Grid, Off-Grid
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Ground Mount
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Mounting System 2 Sellers

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SunWize Power and Battery manufacturers 12 volt solar moduels, 24 volt solar modules, BOS solar equipment, side of pole solar panel mounts, top of pole solar panel mounts, ground solar panel mounts, outdoor electrical enclosures, outdoor lead acid battery enclosures, outdoor li-ion battery enclosures, outdoor ni-cad battery enclosure, solar charge controller panels and off-grid solar systems.


Mounting Systems

  • Side of Pole -...
    Ground Mount
  • Side-of-Pole –...
    Ground Mount
  • Roof & Ground
    Ground Mount
  • Top of Pole
    Ground Mount


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