Green Power Technologies, S.L.

Green Power Technologies, S.L.

Polígono Industrial PIBO., Avda. de Camas, 28, 41110 Bollullos de la Mitación (Sevilla)
+34 95 4181521
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Our solutions are focused on grid integration of solar and wind energy, as well as on grid stability and energy transport. They are based on four top product lines:
Advance Power Integration Solutions;
Multi-Level Solar Inverters;
Energy Management Solutions;
Plug and Play Storage Solutions.

The knowledge and flexibility of our staff for addressing every new project are our most important assets. The robustness and high performance of the developed solutions for more than 2 GW in 4 continents are our best guarantee.



  • SmartPV-WD UL
    500~900 kW On-Grid
  • SmartPV-WD Int...
    500~975 kW On-Grid
  • SmartPV-WD3 1100V
    940~2820 kW On-Grid
  • SmartPV-WD3 1500V
    1000~3000 kW On-Grid
  • SmartPV APIS UL
    24 kW On-Grid
  • SmartPV APIS I...
    1200~4300 kW On-Grid

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