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HyECO Power Tech Co., Ltd.

12 Beiqian Lane, Industrial Pack, Suzhou, Jiangsu 215000
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Mark. Xu Sales
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Kane Guo sales
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Kelly Hu Sales
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Amy Wu Sales
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Meijiang Qin Sales

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Component Types
Charge Controller, Inverter, Data Logger, Monitor
On-grid, Off-grid
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Expert Maker of Power Equipments
HyECO Power Group (A Leading Solution Of Smart Micro Grid System). We are expert in On/off Hybrid Solar Inverter Plus; Bi-directional Inverter(PCS); Saving Fuel Control Kit; Mobile Solar Enerpack; Grid-tie/Offf-grid Micro Hybrid Hybrid Solar System; Intelligent Load Control Kit; EMS(Energy Management System);.

Constituent part
Integrate product design + Mold processing + Parts production + Machine assembly
We have managed to keep our high-quality products at reasonable price.

Technical team
We have more than 40 R&D engineers which are all graduated from top universities in China or abroad. The team leader is PHD who come from USA with 30 years experience in power system.

Quality certification
Our company has passed the CE, TUV, AS4777 Australia, Germany VDE certification.

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  • HKG-10T-100T-T
    10~100 kW On-Grid
  • HKO-300-1200ST...
    0.3~1.2 kW Off-Grid
  • Accuby-4048T-5...
    4~5.5 kW On-Grid, Off-Grid
  • HKGO-8-12STH
    8~12 kW On-Grid, Off-Grid
  • HKG4048T-6048T-ES
    4~6 kW On-Grid, Off-Grid
  • HKG40192T-6019...
    4~6 kW On-Grid, Off-Grid
  • HKO40192T-6019...
    4~6 kW On-Grid, Off-Grid
    2~4 kW Off-Grid
  • INVT4830E
    3 kW
  • $0.133 / Wp
    0.3~1.2 kW Off-Grid

Charge Controller

  • HK-MTSC03

Company Updates

24 Nov 2016

HyECO Power invite you to visit 10th WFES (10th World Future Energy Summit;16-19 Jan,2017 Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE. Booth No: 8314). For more info, please contact E-mail: xuqiang@hyptek.com

21 Nov 2016

HyECO invite you to visit The Solar Show 2017 (28th&29th of March, 2017 Location:Johannesburg, South Africa). Booth No: A1b. For more info, please contact E-mail: xuqiang@hyptek.com or visit www.hytptek.com

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