Atersa Grupo

Atersa Grupo

Princesa, 25 - 2nd Floor, 28008 Madrid
+34 915 178452
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Component Types
Inverter, Charge Controller
Charge Controller
Technology Type
On-grid, Off-grid
Power Range (kWp):
Parent Company
No. of Known Sellers
Inverter 3 Sellers, Storage System 1 Sellers, Charge Controller 1 Sellers



  • BCR 150-3000
    0.25~4 kW Off-Grid


Modules of high efficiency. Immediate service and highly competitive value for the money. This company also has other kind of products valid for small installers: off grid PV modules, charge controllers, batteries, ... Furthermore, their modules are covered by warranty for 10 years.

-- Cero Grados Sur

For installations in which we have used these panels the results have been satisfactory, resulting in a higher than expected performance.

-- Quetzal Ingeniería

We have been working with these panels for ten years so we have a very good relationship with this manufacturer and we trust their products.

-- Igoan Solar S.L.

The best quality of these panels is its price. To be priced lower than other brands makes them an option to be considered in your installations. Their overall performance and quality are also good so these panels are a good value for your money.

-- , Clima Sonair


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