Battery Solar Battery Manufacturers

Companies involved in Battery production, a key component of solar systems. 420 Battery manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name     Region Output Capacity (Ah) Technology No. of Known Sellers
Shenzhen Firstpower ChinaChina 18-3000 GEL 3
Shenzhen Just Real Power Tech ChinaChina
Shenzhen Leadhoo Battery ChinaChina 1.2-250 GEL, AGM
Shenzhen Matrix Battery ChinaChina 30-200 GEL, AGM 3
Shenzhen Motoma Power ChinaChina 1.5-3000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA, Lithium Ion 1
Shenzhen Must Power ChinaChina 7ah to 3000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA 1
Shenzhen Napel Power Tech ChinaChina 1.3-3000 GEL, AGM
Shenzhen New Power Industry ChinaChina 1.2-3000 GEL, AGM
Shenzhen O’CELL Technology ChinaChina 90 - 3000 Lithium Ion
Shenzhen Power Kingdom ChinaChina 0.8-3000 GEL 2
Shenzhen PowerOak Newener ChinaChina
Shenzhen South Sunlight Solar Technology ChinaChina GEL 1
Shenzhen Tuosi Innovation Technology ChinaChina 20 Lithium Ion
Shenzhen XYC Electronic ChinaChina 50-3,000 GEL, AGM
Shri Dhar Energy IndiaIndia
Siam Triangle ThailandThailand
Simek Power Service PakistanPakistan VLA
Sinopoly Battery ChinaChina 40-1000 2
Sinusstrom GermanyGermany
Smart Battery United StatesUnited States 7-300 Lithium Ion
Solar Converters CanadaCanada
Solar Energy Centre United KingdomUnited Kingdom 1-3200 GEL, AGM
Solar Hyderabad IndiaIndia 200-1000
Solar MD South AfricaSouth Africa 100 Lithium Ion
Solar Power & Electric BangladeshBangladesh SLA
Solario Greentech IndiaIndia 20-200
SolarKing AustraliaAustralia 4-110
Solight Energies IndiaIndia
Sollatek United KingdomUnited Kingdom GEL
Sollatek Electronics KenyaKenya 30 - 200
Soltaro AustraliaAustralia
Sonnenbatterie GermanyGermany 15
Sonnenschein GermanyGermany 56
Southern Batteries IndiaIndia 40-1,500 VLA 1
SSA Group UkraineUkraine 7.5-3000 AGM
SSB Battery GermanyGermany VLA, SLA 1
Starlight Power ChinaChina 5-250 GEL
Starlinh Power Technology ChinaChina 7-200 GEL, AGM
Storage Battery Systems United StatesUnited States 40-1250 GEL, AGM
Su-Kam Power Systems IndiaIndia 25-220 VLA 18
Sun Battery GermanyGermany 7-230
Sun Panels GreeceGreece VLA, GEL, AGM
Sun Xtender Batteries United StatesUnited States AGM 46
Suncare IndiaIndia 40-150
Sunflare Solar IndiaIndia
SunLab Power BrazilBrazil 14-220
Sunlight GreeceGreece 50-4620 VLA, GEL, AGM 10
Sunlike ChinaChina 5-3500 GEL, AGM
Sunnyway Battery ChinaChina 7-3000 VLA, SLA 1
Sunrise Technology IndiaIndia
Sunruy Technologies ChinaChina 4 - 250 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
SunStone Power ChinaChina 1-3000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA 6
Super B NetherlandsNetherlands Lithium Ion 1
Suzhou Efox Power Tech ChinaChina 24-200
TAB Batteries SloveniaSlovenia GEL, AGM 12
Tadiran Batteries GermanyGermany 1
Taihang Power ChinaChina 300 AGM
Tanweer Solar Energy UAEUAE GEL, AGM
Techfine Electronic ChinaChina 1.5-3000 GEL, AGM
Teksan TurkeyTurkey 38-200 GEL
Telong Battery Technology ChinaChina 2.5-4000 GEL, AGM
Tesla Energy United StatesUnited States Lithium Ion 18
Thai Storage Battery ThailandThailand
Tianneng ChinaChina
TMP Scientific ChinaChina 100
Tongyu Technology ChinaChina SLA
Topband ChinaChina
Toshiba JapanJapan 2
Tov Haz Vladar UkraineUkraine GEL
TPE Electronics Tech ChinaChina 24-200 AGM
Tripp Lite United StatesUnited States 1
Trojan Battery United StatesUnited States 33-1110 GEL, AGM 209
True Power IndiaIndia 100-180
Truepower Solution PakistanPakistan 7-300 VLA, AGM, SLA
TSS ColombiaColombia 100-200
U.S. Battery United StatesUnited States 35-1,250 AGM, SLA 21
Ultracell (UK) United KingdomUnited Kingdom GEL, AGM, SLA 19
Union Battery ChinaChina AGM
United Telecoms IndiaIndia
UP ChinaChina VLA, GEL, SLA 8
Urja Global IndiaIndia 20-200
Vanadis Power GermanyGermany
Vapel Power Supply ChinaChina 1-200
VARTA AG GermanyGermany 32
Vasworld Power ChinaChina 24-250 VLA, GEL
Victron Energy NetherlandsNetherlands VLA, GEL, AGM 111
ViZn Energy Systems United StatesUnited States
Volt Technology ChinaChina 9.5-3500 VLA
Voltec Storage Battery ChinaChina GEL, AGM
VPS IndiaIndia 20 - 800 SLA
Wattstor United KingdomUnited Kingdom 250 VLA, AGM, SLA
Wbr Battery ChinaChina 2.5-3000 1
Well Solar ChinaChina
Wenzhou Sunri ChinaChina GEL, SLA
WhisperPower NetherlandsNetherlands 55-1500 GEL, AGM
Willard Batteries South AfricaSouth Africa VLA 2
Wiosun GermanyGermany AGM
Wolong Dengta ChinaChina GEL, AGM, SLA
Wuhan ChangGuang Battery ChinaChina 200-3000 1