Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Manufacturers

Companies involved in Charge Controller production, a key component of solar systems. 502 Charge Controller manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
Sungrow Power SupplyChina China2,0002
MorningstarUnited States United StatesMPPT, PWM321
Beijing EpsolarChina China300MPPT, PWM150
Zhejiang Geya ElectricalChina ChinaMPPT
Company Name     Region No. Staff Technology Type No. of Known Sellers
Enerdrive AustraliaAustralia PWM 1
Energia Solar Del Pacifico MexicoMexico MPPT, PWM
Energy Research NetherlandsNetherlands MPPT
Energywin Technologies IndiaIndia MPPT
Enertik ArgentinaArgentina MPPT, PWM
Entech Electronics ChinaChina MPPT
EverExceed Industrial Hong KongHong Kong 1,500 MPPT, PWM 3
Everon Energy System IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM 1
Everyday Power Solar IndiaIndia PWM
F Choice Solar Tech India IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
FADI Solar Energy ChinaChina MPPT
Feeo ChinaChina PWM 1
Felicity Solar ChinaChina 500 MPPT, PWM 1
Finetech Systems IndiaIndia 24 PWM
First Wind Turbine Manufacturing ChinaChina MPPT
Foshan Good Horse Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Foshan Kemapower Electronics ChinaChina MPPT, PWM 1
Foshan Suoer Electronic Industry ChinaChina MPPT, PWM 3
Foshan Tanfon Energy Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Foxpower ChinaChina MPPT
FST IndiaIndia MPPT 1
Fulfill IndiaIndia MPPT
Further Power ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Future Solar ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Gaoneng Power ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Gaoyuan Electric ChinaChina
Garnde Solar Energy ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Gehai New Energy ChinaChina
Geie Solar Products IndiaIndia PWM
Genasun United StatesUnited States MPPT 7
Genus Innovation IndiaIndia MPPT
GHP Solar ChinaChina 16
Global Power Solutions IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Go Power! CanadaCanada 15 1
Goal Zero United StatesUnited States PWM 1
Gogate Electrosystems IndiaIndia MPPT
Grandsolar New Energy ChinaChina 180 MPPT, PWM
Greencisco ChinaChina 800 MPPT, PWM
GSL Electronics AustraliaAustralia MPPT, PWM 1
GSPV ChinaChina 200 PWM
Guangdong Real-Design ChinaChina
Guangzhou 3HZ Solar ChinaChina MPPT, PWM 1
Guangzhou Demuda Optoelectronics Technology ChinaChina 50 PWM
Guangzhou ESG New Energy Technology ChinaChina 500 MPPT, Other
Guangzhou Helli Zhanchuang Electronic Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Guangzhou Huami Solar Power ChinaChina 35 MPPT, PWM
Guangzhou HYEnergy ChinaChina PWM
Guangzhou Kinsun ChinaChina 150 PWM
Guangzhou Poojin Electrnocs Technology ChinaChina 100 MPPT, PWM, Other
Guangzhou Sunnysky Solar Equipment ChinaChina 36 MPPT
Guangzhou Tunto Green Power ChinaChina MPPT
Guangzhou WHC Solar Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
GuanYa Power ChinaChina 500 PWM
Gurukirpa Electronics IndiaIndia PWM
Gurukripa Electro Power IndiaIndia PWM
Hamak Technology TaiwanTaiwan 35 MPPT
Hanfong New Energy ChinaChina 200 MPPT, PWM 1
Hanover Solar GermanyGermany
Hans Solar Renewable Energy India IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM, Other
Harvest Solar Energy UAEUAE MPPT, PWM
Hedwin ChinaChina MPPT
Hefei Listen New Energy Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Hefei Shangshuo New Energy ChinaChina MPPT
Hefei Sunsource Electrical Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
HeFei Sunway Power ChinaChina 25 MPPT
Hefei Win Power ChinaChina
Hehejin Industrial ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Helizhanchuang Electric ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Himachal Futuristic Communications IndiaIndia MPPT
Hovall Technology ChinaChina PWM
Huate Electrification ChinaChina
Huaxiao Technology ChinaChina MPPT
Hubei SunWonder new energy technology co. ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Hwawin ChinaChina PWM
HyECO Power Tech ChinaChina 100 MPPT
IBS Intelligent Battery System SwitzerlandSwitzerland MPPT 1
Ingotta ChinaChina 500
INNOSOL Pakistan PakistanPakistan 25 PWM
Intech IndiaIndia PWM
Interplex Solar United StatesUnited States PWM
Intex Alarms KenyaKenya
Inti Solar ColombiaColombia MPPT, PWM
IVT GmbH GermanyGermany MPPT
Jadhav Powertech IndiaIndia
Jaje Solar ChinaChina
JD Auspice TaiwanTaiwan MPPT, PWM
Jiangsu Dongrun Photovoltaic Technology ChinaChina PWM
Jiangsu GSO New Energy Technology ChinaChina 500 MPPT, PWM
Jiangsu Sunllent Electric Equipment ChinaChina 220 MPPT, PWM
Jiangsu Xiufeng Energy ChinaChina MPPT
JiangYin HuaHuiYuan Electronic Technology ChinaChina MPPT
Jiangyin Top-Hill ChinaChina
Jinan Deming Power Equipment ChinaChina 200 MPPT, PWM
Jinsheng New Energy Technology ChinaChina PWM
JNGE Power ChinaChina 50 MPPT, PWM
Jtan Solar UAEUAE PWM 1
Juneng New Energy ChinaChina 500 MPPT
Juta Solar ChinaChina MPPT, PWM 8
JX Electronics ChinaChina MPPT, PWM