Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Manufacturers

Companies involved in Charge Controller production, a key component of solar systems. 502 Charge Controller manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
Sungrow Power SupplyChina China2,0002
MorningstarUnited States United StatesMPPT, PWM321
Beijing EpsolarChina China300MPPT, PWM150
Zhejiang Geya ElectricalChina ChinaMPPT
Company Name     Region No. Staff Technology Type No. of Known Sellers
Qingchi Technology ChinaChina MPPT
Qingdao Allrun New Energy ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Qingdao Skywise Technology ChinaChina 70 MPPT, PWM
Quantum Power Conversions IndiaIndia MPPT
Raj Electronics IndiaIndia MPPT
Rekoser SpainSpain MPPT, PWM
Renogy ChinaChina 300 MPPT, PWM
Rexsen Science & Technology ChinaChina 50 MPPT, PWM
Rich Solar ChinaChina 300 MPPT, PWM 1
RogerEle ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Rogue Engineering United StatesUnited States 20 1
Rosol Energy IndiaIndia 18
Roy Solar ChinaChina 100 PWM 1
S. R. Electronics IndiaIndia PWM
S. S. Solar Energy IndiaIndia Other
Sacolar ChinaChina 500 MPPT
Saiber Energy IndiaIndia Other
Samlex America CanadaCanada PWM 12
Sandi Electric ChinaChina 68 MPPT, PWM
SC Power ChinaChina 50 MPPT
Schams-Electronics GermanyGermany MPPT
Schneider Electric FranceFrance 1,400,000 MPPT, PWM 109
Senwei Energy ChinaChina 12 MPPT, PWM
Sergio Anselmi SwitzerlandSwitzerland
SES Flexcharge USA United StatesUnited States PWM
Shanghai Handsun Power System ChinaChina 200 MPPT, PWM
Shanghai Mingkai Electric Appliance ChinaChina 230
Shanghai Raggiepower ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Shanghai Tingen Electric ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Shenfu Power ChinaChina 75
Shenzhen Boyn Electric ChinaChina MPPT
Shenzhen Erdeli Energy Technology ChinaChina MPPT
ShenZhen Full-Sunshine Electronic ChinaChina MPPT
Shenzhen Golden Highway Technology ChinaChina PWM
Shenzhen Huangjintai Electronics ChinaChina PWM
Shenzhen Hybridon Power ChinaChina MPPT
Shenzhen I-Panda Electronics ChinaChina 1,000 MPPT
Shenzhen Jinsdon Lighting Technology ChinaChina MPPT
Shenzhen LC Power ChinaChina 50 MPPT, PWM
Shenzhen Leyang New Energy Technology ChinaChina PWM
ShenZhen Meind Tech ChinaChina 100 PWM
Shenzhen Motoma Power ChinaChina 500
Shenzhen Must Power ChinaChina 300 MPPT, PWM
Shenzhen ORO Power Equipment ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Shenzhen Pulansi Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Shenzhen SORO Electronics ChinaChina 300 MPPT
Shenzhen South Sunlight Solar Technology ChinaChina PWM
Shenzhen Sturdy New Energy ChinaChina 80 MPPT
Shenzhen Sunergy Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Shenzhen Sunray Power ChinaChina MPPT 1
Shenzhen Tauray New Energy Technology ChinaChina MPPT
Shenzhen YH Power Supply ChinaChina PWM
Shenzhen YiDeFei Electronic Technology ChinaChina 50 PWM
Shenzhen Youteng Environmental Protection Technology ChinaChina PWM
Sinexcel ChinaChina 200
SLNS IndiaIndia
SLV Power Solutions IndiaIndia MPPT
Smarten Power Power Systems IndiaIndia
SmartEnergy Electronic Technology ChinaChina MPPT, Other
SMC New Energy Science & Technology ChinaChina 50 MPPT, PWM
SMK Solar ChinaChina 150 MPPT, PWM 1
SNAT ChinaChina PWM
Solar Idea IndiaIndia PWM
Solar Power & Electric BangladeshBangladesh 22
Solar Powertech Solutions IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Solarc GermanyGermany MPPT
SolarKing AustraliaAustralia
Solartec ArgentinaArgentina PWM 2
Solarway New Energy ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Solener SpainSpain 40
Sollatek United KingdomUnited Kingdom 2,700 PWM 2
Sollatek Electronics KenyaKenya
Soltronic GermanyGermany 15 MPPT
Soltronix Solar United StatesUnited States PWM
Sopower ChinaChina MPPT
Sopray Solar Group ChinaChina MPPT, PWM 1
SPD Energy Technologies IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Specialty Concepts United StatesUnited States 16
Spectrum IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Spj Solar Technology IndiaIndia PWM
SRNE Solar ChinaChina 400 MPPT, PWM 16
SSTH Power ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
ST United StatesUnited States 43,500
ST Power ChinaChina 19
STC LebanonLebanon MPPT
Steca GermanyGermany 650 MPPT, PWM 204
Stevens Water Monitoring Systems United StatesUnited States
Studer SwitzerlandSwitzerland 60 MPPT 63
Su-Kam Power Systems IndiaIndia 2,500 MPPT, PWM 16
SUG New Energy ChinaChina
Sun's Energy ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Sunair Power IndiaIndia PWM
Suncare IndiaIndia Other
Sundak Solar Solutions IndiaIndia MPPT
Sundrax United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Sunflare Solar IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Sunforce Products CanadaCanada PWM
Sungchang Telecom KoreaKorea MPPT
Sungrow Power Supply ChinaChina 2,000 2