Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Manufacturers

Companies involved in Charge Controller production, a key component of solar systems. 468 Charge Controller manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
Sungrow Power SupplyChina China2,0002
MorningstarUnited States United StatesMPPT, PWM317
Beijing EpsolarChina China300MPPT, PWM138
Company Name     Region No. Staff Technology Type No. of Known Sellers
Tosun Electric ChinaChina PWM
Totruhuda Technology ChinaChina PWM
TPIL IndiaIndia
Trusun KenyaKenya 14
Tycon Systems United StatesUnited States MPPT
TYPMAR ChinaChina 50(150) MPPT, PWM
Ujjwal Systems IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Ultisolar New Energy ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Uma Powertronics IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
UnderSUN Power KoreaKorea PWM 1
Uniline IndiaIndia MPPT
Unipar Energy Systems IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
UTL IndiaIndia 300 MPPT
Vanner United StatesUnited States
Vensai Solutions IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Victron Energy NetherlandsNetherlands 75 MPPT, PWM 201
Vishwjeet Green Power Technology IndiaIndia 20 Other
Vispra IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Viswell TaiwanTaiwan PWM
Vitronics Controls IndiaIndia 30 MPPT, PWM
VLE IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Volt Polska PolandPoland MPPT, PWM
Votronic GermanyGermany MPPT 4
Vu Phong Asia VietnamVietnam PWM, Other
Welltron Electronics TaiwanTaiwan
Wenzhou Natural ChinaChina 100 PWM
Wenzhou Rineng New Energy ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Wenzhou Sunri ChinaChina MPPT
Wenzhou Xihe Electric ChinaChina 20 MPPT, PWM 2
Western ItalyItaly 28 MPPT, PWM 10
WirthCo United StatesUnited States
Woke Power ChinaChina 90-120 MPPT, PWM
Wolandoo ChinaChina 50 MPPT
Wuhan Hanfei Science and Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Wuhan Interpower ChinaChina 700 MPPT
Wuhan Sol ChinaChina 200 PWM
Wuhan Welead S&T ChinaChina 300 MPPT, PWM
Wuhan Wellsee ChinaChina 500 PWM 6
Xiamen Tian Long Xin ChinaChina MPPT
Xiangyang New Energy Engineering ChinaChina PWM
Xie'erxin New Energy Techonology ChinaChina PWM
Xinda Green Energy ChinaChina
Xindun Power ChinaChina PWM
Xinmingtong Solar Energy ChinaChina PWM
XinTong Intelligent Technology ChinaChina MPPT
Xunzel SpainSpain PWM
Xuzhou Sumthor Technology ChinaChina MPPT
Yake Solar Power United StatesUnited States PWM
Yangtze Solar Power ChinaChina PWM
Yangzhou Delight Eco Energy Supplies ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
YangZhou Flourish Sunshine Energy ChinaChina MPPT
YiDa photovaltaic ChinaChina PWM
YIY ChinaChina MPPT
Yozeal New Energy Technology ChinaChina PWM
Yueqing BangZhao Electric ChinaChina PWM
Zhejiang Carspa New Energy ChinaChina MPPT, PWM 1
Zhejiang G&P New Energy Technology ChinaChina 80 PWM
Zhejiang JEC New Energy Technology ChinaChina 2,000
Zhejiang Longchi Technology ChinaChina 300 MPPT, PWM
Zhejiang Ruihua Machinery ChinaChina
Zhongshan Longyang Electronics ChinaChina 400 PWM
Zhuhai Beeland Solar Tech. ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Zigor SpainSpain MPPT, PWM 1
ZLPOWER Electronics ChinaChina MPPT