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Companies involved in Solar System production, a key component of solar systems. 1,308 Solar System manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name     Region On-grid Off-grid Standalone Home Storage System Power(kWp)
01 Elettronica ItalyItaly 3
12 Volts Plus United StatesUnited States 0.16-0.48
1A-Innovation GermanyGermany On-grid Off-grid 0.1-3
1Q1 RomaniaRomania Off-grid 0.05-1
2F Energie Services CameroonCameroon 5
360 Electric United StatesUnited States 3.5-7.2
3e Savers IndiaIndia On-grid
3Hz-Solar ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid 0.15-3.2
3K BulgariaBulgaria Off-grid 0.1-3.975
3P Solar AustraliaAustralia 10-50
3rd Rock Solar United StatesUnited States On-grid Off-grid 2.5-6.8
4BLUE NetherlandsNetherlands
A&Vein JapanJapan 79.92-115.2
AAR Brasil Energia Solar BrazilBrazil 1.65-9.9
Aarcchor IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
ABCzonnepanelen NetherlandsNetherlands
Able Solar New ZealandNew Zealand Off-grid Standalone Home Storage
Abotree Solar ChinaChina Off-grid 1-5
ABS Alaskan United StatesUnited States 0.1-0.16
AccelTex Solutions United StatesUnited States Off-grid 0.09-0.16
Access Energy AustraliaAustralia On-grid Off-grid
Ace Solar HungaryHungary On-grid Off-grid 0.28-55.89
ACOSolar United StatesUnited States On-grid Off-grid 0.01-2.805
ACS-Infinity FinlandFinland 3.3-5.5
Acura Engineering IndiaIndia On-grid 5-10
ACVA Solar IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
Adhiam Thermal Systems & Solutions IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
Adisun Solar IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
Aditya Kiran IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid 1.02-5
Advantek CanadaCanada On-grid 3-8
Adzar Energy ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid 2-1000
Affordable Energy Solutions NigeriaNigeria Off-grid
Africa Designs ZambiaZambia Off-grid
Agape Development & Design United StatesUnited States Off-grid 0.3-2.5
AGS SpainSpain 1.5-100
Airlec Australia AustraliaAustralia
Aiteo7 United StatesUnited States
Aitwo Solar ChinaChina 15-50
Akshar Enterprise IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
Alaska Energies Romania RomaniaRomania On-grid Off-grid 1.8-10.8
Albat Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Off-grid 1.2-4
Aldo BrazilBrazil On-grid Off-grid 1.95-92.62
Alfredkim Systems & Solution IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
Alfuraat KenyaKenya Off-grid 1.2
All Energy Queensland AustraliaAustralia 3-20
ALLSOLAR South AfricaSouth Africa On-grid Off-grid
Allweb Technology ThailandThailand Off-grid 1-20
Alma General Electric RomaniaRomania On-grid Off-grid 1.62-6.48
ALMIPL IndiaIndia On-grid 1-20
Alpha Elettronica ItalyItaly 0.01-1.5
Alpha Energy AustraliaAustralia On-grid Off-grid
Alps Technology United StatesUnited States On-grid 2.07-3.68
Alteco RussiaRussia Standalone 0.01-3.24
Alternativa Sochi RussiaRussia On-grid Off-grid 0.1-18
Alternative Energy BrazilBrazil 2-10
ALX Energia Alternativa BrazilBrazil 1.08-4.05
AM Solar United StatesUnited States On-grid Off-grid 0.1-0.16
Amazing Solar AustraliaAustralia 5-10
Ameresco Solar United StatesUnited States On-grid Off-grid
AMI Electrical United KingdomUnited Kingdom 3.675
Amrut Energy IndiaIndia
AmySolar FranceFrance On-grid
Anages TurkeyTurkey Off-grid
Anant Power IndiaIndia Off-grid
Ananya Solar Technologies IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid Standalone Home Storage
Anapode Solar United StatesUnited States On-grid 1.2-15
Anew Solar AustraliaAustralia 3-6.6
Anhui Chuangya Photovoltaic Technology ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid 2-500
Antony United StatesUnited States On-grid 2.8-10
Anya Green Energy Solutions IndiaIndia Off-grid 0.21-0.42
AP Solar Works IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid 5-20
APS NigeriaNigeria On-grid Off-grid
Aquatooth ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid
Aquito Solar ChileChile On-grid Off-grid 0.5-10
Araci BrazilBrazil On-grid Off-grid
Arese Solutions North MacedoniaNorth Macedonia On-grid Off-grid
Arise Solar AustraliaAustralia 5-100
Aristoklia Solar CyprusCyprus On-grid Off-grid
Armageddon Energy United StatesUnited States On-grid Off-grid
Arosi ChinaChina Off-grid 1-12
Arqbiomex MexicoMexico
Artis IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
Aruba Solar ArubaAruba On-grid Off-grid 3.1-10.2
ASD CanadaCanada On-grid Off-grid 0.25-10
ASE Energy FranceFrance On-grid Off-grid 0.1-2
Aseem Urja IndiaIndia 0.3
Astra Group South AfricaSouth Africa Off-grid 13.5-54
Astrotek EcuadorEcuador Off-grid
Astrum Energy Solutions NigeriaNigeria 1-10
Atlantis Solar United StatesUnited States Off-grid 0.1-1
Atmos Solar AustraliaAustralia 3.3-10.17
AtomRA BrazilBrazil On-grid Off-grid
ATR Eletrica BrazilBrazil 1.32-14.52
Aussie Batteries & Solar AustraliaAustralia Off-grid
Australian Design Solar AustraliaAustralia 4-10
Australian Solar Supplies AustraliaAustralia On-grid Off-grid
Auto-Mate United KingdomUnited Kingdom 0.055-0.48
Autumn Technology JapanJapan Off-grid 0.005-3.2
AVA Mühendislik TurkeyTurkey 0.125-3.5
Avel Heol FranceFrance On-grid Off-grid 0.3-1.2