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Panel Turn-Key Production Line, Panel Solar Simulator, Soldering Equipment, Laminator, Cell Laser Scriber/Cutter, Framing Machine, Ribbon Cutter, Conveyers, Lay-up Station

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QINHUANGDAO ZENITHSOLAR TECHNOLOGICAL CO.,LTD. is specialized in the production of laminator machine business, while providing the entire production line equipment and technical services. Company's products in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality control system standard.The company's new third-generation energy-saving CNC integration lamination Power low,It is saving more than 30% compared with other manufacturers products, automatic laminating the maximum power is only 48KW, Built-in imported vacuum pump from Germany,productivity high,covers an area of small, low noise , on-site installation easy, It is PV manufacturer of the ideal packaging equipment.

Integrated Design Laminator have been protected by national patent protection, The laminators have all passed CE certification, products have been exported to Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, Ghana, Taiwan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, Slovenia , Turkey, Poland, Uzbekistan ,Bengal ,Croatia ,Pakistan ,Morocco and many other countries and regions, product features performance has been recognized by customers.

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Unique structure: the first domestic heating systems, vacuum systems and mainframe integration design, hydraulic straight from the switch cover, the rapid installation of equipment, space small, with imports of vacuum pumps, the noise below 65 dB;

Energy efficient: the equipment around maximum power of 48 KW, just normal work of 15 KW, and lower power consumption compared to peer products more than 30%; Circuit unique design and heating system PID smart regulation, System requires 60 to 90 minutes warm-up to meet the crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon EVA / PVB film package;

Intelligent control: high-performance PLC, CNC high-precision motor control components pyramid Control, speed, direction, arbitrary; transmit unlimited use of all the work cycle, and life expectancy compared to Reciprocating times increase;

Uniform temperature: the production of special heating, effective pyramid area temperature uniformity of ± 2 ℃; surface roughness ± 0.2mm, meet the ultra-thin silicon packaging requirements; control and use of multi-level multi-point measurement techniques;

System stabilization: imports of low-voltage electrical equipment, high-performance vacuum butterfly valve control, anti-dust vacuum system designed to ensure stable operation of equipment;

Multi-level protection: with over-temperature alarm system, pyramid vacuum leak alarm, open cover negative pressure alarm, oil level and other monitoring processes.

Technical parameters:

Transmission system: the feeder, host, a feeder conveyor infinite cycle of work, speed: 0 ~ 300 mm / s arbitrary adjustment

Supply voltage: AC380V/3 phase/4 Line, the largest power 48 KW, the normal work of 15 KW

Vacuum rate: 200 M3 / H, the limit vacuum 70 ~ 90 Pa, vacuum Time: 90 seconds

Scope application: Effective pyramid of 3.6m * 2.2m, 180W- 230 W battery components at the same time four or three pyramid,Capacity 8.832MWP

Rubber sheet size: 4 ~ 5 mm * 3.8m * 2.4m, the replacement time: 20 to 30 minutes

Medium heat: SD320 high-temperature heat-conducting oil 180 L, flow pressure:<0.3 MPa, Heating rate: 135 ℃ at room temperature to 60 to 90 minutes

Open cover: Straight from the hydraulic, the biggest opening height: 200 mm

Laminated cavity high: 25mm

Equipment weight: 15.8T

Equipment weight: 14m * 2.85m * 1.42m

PV Module Production Lines:

According to the customer's production requirements, can provide automatic, semi-automatic production line design and all equipment, including:

1. Tabber & Stringers;Manual Welding Table, Welding Heat Templates

2. Auto Lay Out; Manually Laying Laminated Units, Qualitative Measurement Of Laminated Film Before The Battery Short Circuit, Open Circuit

3. Automatic Laminators ;Semi-Automatic Laminating Machine (With Load/Unload System)

4. Eva/Tpt Film Cutting Machines ; Manual Eva \ Tpt Cutting Table

5. Ribbon Cutting Machines

6. Auto Frame Assembly Machines; Semi-Automatic Frame Assembly Machine

7. El Cell Camera System Cracked Pollution

8. Sun Simulators (Aaa Class)

9. Stations For High Voltage Test Module

10. Glass And Module Carriers ; Lightening Tables For Visual Inspection

11. Glass Washing Machine

12. Stations For Module Cooling


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28 Feb 2018