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CTS, Soldering Equipment, Stringer, Tabber

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Sunnyworld (Shenzhen Xinhonghua Solar-Energy Co., Ltd ) was founded in 2003, we are specialized in manufacturing polycrystalline, monocrystalline solar panels from 5w-340w and foldable solar panel with strong R&D ability to develop new solar application products. With more than 10 years experience in photovoltaic industry, we have set up factories in Shenzhen and Huizhou. Our solar panels have been widely exported to more than 50 countries.

For our own development needs, we began the research and development of the first automatic solar cell stringer machine which can support both full solar cells and cut cells in 2011, and succeeded in the beginning of 2012. After constantly test in our own plant, it was launched to the market in 2013. Because of its stable quality and attractive price, till now we sold out more than 120 sets to China, India, Turkey, USA and some other countries.

To meet different customer’s demands, SUNNYWORLD will be improved better and better in the future.

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Yingli Solar (Shenzhen), Max solar, Bluetech solar, felicity solar, Zocen group, Sacred solar, Sungold solar, Sopray solar, Pure solar, Zamp solar, Tera solar, Zhejiang Shengfa new energy, Goldi Green Technology Pvt. Ltd

SUNNYWORLD Automatic solar cells tabber & stringer H530

The first solar cell stringer for both standard and cut cells in the world

Product Features

♦ Suitable for 5′、6′ whole cells and cut cells. (the cut cells’ minimum width is 30mm)
♦ Special designs for the cut cells.
♦ The parameter can be set optionally by the touch screen.
♦ 4-way arm rotating turn-table can load different shapes of cutting cells to meet the different requirements on connection.
♦ The setting time in changing the width of cells is less than 20 minutes.
♦ The setting time in changing the type between 2 bus bar cells and 3 bus bar cells is less than 30 minutes.
♦ The number of solar cells for the strings is settable by the touch screen.
♦ Adjustable range of the distance of cells is 2 to 30mm.
♦ High flexibility for varied cells.
♦ Operation reliable, less maintenance required.
♦ Simple operation, only need one day for training.
♦ Only one worker for two machines.

Technical Data

Soldering capacity6S/pcs
Cell’s dimension 30~125*125mm; 30~156*156mm
Cell thickness From 160 micron and up
Ribbon sizes Width is 1.6~2.0mm, Thickness is 0.12~0.23mm
Breakage ≤0.3%
Cell basket capacity Four cell baskets system to load up to a maximum of 100 pieces each, total 400 pcs
Operation control PLC touch screen
Soldering technology IR light
Soldering light life ≥1000Hr
Soldering temperature Normal~400℃(adjustable)
Input power 50~60Hz/AC380V/16A
Peak power 10 KW
Average power 4~5 KW
Compressed air ≥0.5Mpa clean & dry air
Compressed air consumption Approx 200 l/min
Max. length of the string 1950mm
Operator interface Chinese or English
Dimension 3650*1400*1800mm
Weight Approx 1300KG
Warranty 12 months

Other useful information

♦ H530B is for 2 bus bar and 3 bus bar cells; H530C is for 3 bus bar and 4 bus bar cells

SUNNYWORLD Automatic cut cells tabber & stringer H630 for 10mm~30mm width solar cell

Technical data

1NameAutomatic Solar Cut Cell Stringer & Tabber
3Soldering CapacitySingle busbar cut cell soldering speed: Max. 3200pcs/h. 2 busbar and 3 busbar cut cell soldering speed: Max. 1600pcs/h.
4 Cell Size(10~30)x(52; 62.5; 78; 104; 125; 156)mm(adjusted)
5 Max. Length of the Stringer600mm
6 Cell space 1~10mm(adjusted) Limit by the thickness of ribbon, width of cell and other factors
7 Breakage ≤3‰
8Pass Rate ≥98% (relevant with cell quality and cut quality)
9 Number of Soldering Stringer 2 busbar and 3 busbar cut cell can be soldered 2 stringers at the same time, single busbar cut cell can be soldered 4 stringers at the same time.
10 Soldering Technology Soldering iron heating with direct contact. Patent welding head for long time continues use
11 Soldering Temperature Nomal~500°C(adjusted)AC low voltage power control, easy and fast
12Soldering Iron Life Time ≥1000Hr
13Operation Interface PLC touch screen
14 LanguageChinese or English
15 Input Power 50-60Hz/AC380V/15A
16 Peak Power 2.5Kw
17 Rated Power 1.5Kw
18 Compressed Air ≥0.5Mpa clean & dry air
19 Compressed Air Consumption Approx 100L/min
20 Machine Dimension L2800xW1400xH1500(mm) (including auto stringer takeout platform)
21Weight Approx 700KG

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